Feast Like a Dragon: Unmissable Chinese New Year Delights at IKEA!

February 9, 2024

Embrace the spirit of the dragon with zest and vitality this Chinese New Year! Dive into our festive feast and seize these delightful treats before they're gone.

  1. Mandarin Oranges: A dozen sun-kissed gems at an extraordinary XXL offer of just $8, from the usual $11.90. Start your new year with a burst of sweetness.
  2. Roasted Pork: 230g of savory perfection, frozen to lock in the flavors. Available to our IKEA Family for a special price of $9.80, down from $10.80.
  3. Vegetarian Almonds: 240g of crunchy goodness, gently roasted and seasoned for your pleasure. IKEA Family price is a mere $7.80, a steal from the original $8.80.
  4. Pistachio Cashews: 240g of the finest nuts, a harmonious blend of pistachios and cashews, yours for only $8.80 (IKEA Family price), reduced from $9.80.
  5. Danish Cashew Nuts: 240g of Denmark’s finest, offering a taste of luxury at an IKEA Family price of $8.80, wonderfully down from $9.80.
  6. Cheese Bangkit: 240g of cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth traditional cookies, a festive must-have at an IKEA Family price of $7.80, delightfully less than $8.80.
  7. Mango Pomelo Sago: 500g of frozen tropical bliss, combining sweet mango and tangy pomelo for an unbeatable price of $8, discounted from $8.50 for IKEA Family members.
  8. Yam Paste: 500g of smooth, creamy delight, a traditional favorite now available for just $9 for IKEA Family members, a sweet drop from the usual $9.50.
  9. Char Siew: 280g of marinated, roasted pork, frozen to preserve its juicy flavors. For IKEA Family, it's a deal at $10.80, down from $11.80.

Celebrate with these irresistible offers and let the festive joy overflow into your home!

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