About us

“We only have friends, not followers”

Singapore Atrium Sale started with the founder’s vision to spread happiness and generate excitement authentically through superb deals that he and his friends came across in daily life. Today, we are closely followed by a dynamic community of 462K (and counting) friends over 4 different channels on 3 platforms.

As of Q2 2023, our monthly reach on Facebook hits 2.1M+ while achieving monthly engagements of 3.8M+. Our friends on Telegram are at 60k+ while our presence on Tik Tok is growing steadily with over 53K+ friends with monthly views of 1.7M+.

Our page’s reach is always on the constant upwards trend as we incorporate the use of goodwill posts to draw crowds during lull periods. We will also come up with creative content creations and useful guides to spark interests for our friends which will in turn cultivate more new friendships.