Experience the Essence of Kyoto at Shokudo Cafe & Udon in Singapore's VivoCity

January 25, 2024

A Tapestry of Japanese Culinary Delights

Shokudo's menu is a homage to the finesse of Japanese cooking. Rice aficionados can revel in dishes like the succulent Chicken Nanban Rice Plate, the robust Chicken Cutlet Beef Curry Rice, and the celebrated Beef Curry Rice. The Gyu Yakiniku Loco Moco and Spicy Chicken Loco Moco present an innovative fusion, reimagining the classic Japanese Loco Moco.

Udon, the quintessential Japanese noodle, is showcased in its full glory with selections such as the aromatic Matcha Carbonara Udon adorned with smoked duck, the savory Gyu Yakiniku Udon, and the comforting Oyako Chicken Toji Udon. Each dish is a testament to authentic Japanese culinary craftsmanship, promising a symphony of flavors.

An Ode to Japanese Desserts

The essence of Japanese dining is incomplete without a foray into its desserts. Shokudo tantalizes the palate with its Milk Crepe Cake and an assortment of Zuccotto desserts, including Mix Fruit, Chocolate Banana, and Rare Cheese Strawberry. These desserts artfully marry traditional Japanese taste with modern flair.

Beverages That Elevate Your Meal

The beverage selection at Shokudo is as diverse as its cuisine. From the classic Iced Matcha Latte to the inventive Matcha Tiramisu Latte and Azuki Matcha Latte, the drink menu caters to all preferences. Non-coffee enthusiasts can savor a variety of teas and juices, each offering a refreshing finale to the culinary experience.

A Sanctuary of Serenity

Shokudo’s ambiance reflects Kyoto's serene beauty. Situated at 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-100/101, the café is a tranquil retreat amidst the bustle of VivoCity. Its inviting teal accents and soft lighting craft a haven for both hurried lunches and relaxed dinners.

Praised by Patrons

Customers consistently laud their experiences at Shokudo. Signature offerings like the Oyako Chicken Toji Udon Set Lunch are celebrated for their rich broth and succulent chicken. The Matcha Pancake is acclaimed for its delicate balance of airy texture, sweet cream, and the boldness of matcha. Desserts, particularly the Fruit Mille Crêpe, receive accolades for their freshness and exquisite taste.

Discover Kyoto Shokudo Cafe & Udon

Shokudo Cafe & Udon is more than a dining spot; it's a journey through Japan's rich culinary landscape. Whether you’re navigating the aisles of VivoCity or seeking an authentic Japanese meal in Singapore, Shokudo is an unmissable destination. With its enchanting menu, inviting atmosphere, and strategic location, it promises a dining escapade that will delight every Japanese cuisine lover.

Kyoto Shokudo Cafe & Udon

1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-100/101, Singapore 098585


Photo: Peifeng (amzg.com) • Abu Ali • Ng K.E. • Iman Wong • Man Owen • Reza Alfaiz • Sarah • Hameda Hassan • Huiyun Lin • Diana peh • DONNY Lie • Grace • Mohamad Yusoff

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