Top 8 Fried Carrot Cakes in Singapore

December 7, 2023

Singapore's culinary landscape is a treasure trove of delightful flavors, with fried carrot cake being a local favorite. Here's a guide to the top 8 fried carrot cake places in Singapore, perfect for food enthusiasts and those new to this unique dish:

Fu Ming Cooked Food at Redhill Food Centre‍

Photo: Alvin Ho • Kelvin Ong • Wilson Foo • Delia Ho

Known For: Offers both black and white versions of fried carrot cake.

Highlight: You can enjoy a plate of half and half for variety​​​​.‍

Fu Ming Cooked Food 福明熟食 (#01-49)

85 Redhill Ln, #01-49, Singapore 150085

Chey Sua Carrot Cake

Photo: Nicole T • KLKK • Annabethia • Den • Royen Lock

Known For: Exclusively serving the white version, fried in a unique thin, flat style.

Highlight: The cake is crisp on one side, ensuring a delightful texture​​​​.

Chey Sua Carrot Cake 青山菜頭粿

Singapore 310127, #02-30 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Block 127

Fried Carrot Cake at Clementi Food Centre

Photo: Benson Kong 龚耀鸿 • S L • heidi castillo (sporkandbeanz) • Choon Heng Lim • Jan

Known For: The Black Carrot Cake is a must-try, famous for its soft radish cakes and chewy egg bits.

Highlight: The dish often sells out by 12pm, so an early visit is recommended​​.

Fried Carrot Cake

Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3, #01-45, Singapore 120448

Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway

Photo: Alvin Ho • Yun Zhen Choy • C K Leong (Ah Leong San) • Lionel Lee • Shintaro Nakajima

Known For: Using vegetable oil instead of lard for a healthier version of the dish.

Highlight: A great option for health-conscious foodies​​.

Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway

70 Zion Rd, Singapore 247792

He Zhong Carrot Cake

Photo: Kwong Fei Yee • Emily S • Benito Linus • Maximilian Jackson • Corrine NG

Known For: Homemade chili sauce smeared over well-charred carrot cake.

Highlight: Known for its delightful fragrance and delicate spice​​​​.

He Zhong Carrot Cake

51 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-185 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 588215

Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake

Photo: Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake • Esmond Chun • Kim Loon Chee • JC C • Jeremy Tan

Known For: Serving chunky and crispy carrot cakes.

Highlight: The carrot cakes are affordable and have over 60 years of experience behind them​​​​.

Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake 紅山景菜頭粿

115 Bukit Merah View, #01-37 Market & Hawker Centre, Singapore 151115

Ghim Moh Carrot Cake

Photo: ordifolks • T greensake • derek neo • Gregory Goh • JC C

Known For: A family-run stall known for its unique texture and flavorful carrot cakes.

Highlight: They offer generous portions and both black and white versions​​​​.

Ghim Moh Carrot Cake

20 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-16 Market & Food Centre, 20, Singapore 27002

Song Zhou Carrot Cake

Photo: Tan Sim Loong Edwin (edvventurer) • Lit C Seow • Kef Low • Hazel Nut

Known For: Serving fragrant and moist black carrot cakes along with traditional white ones.

Highlight: Known for using secret ingredients to soften the kueh, making it unique​​​​.

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake

21 Sengkang West Ave, #03-27, Singapore 797650

Exploring Singapore's Culinary Delights

Each of these stalls brings its unique take on the traditional fried carrot cake, offering a delightful culinary journey through one of Singapore's most cherished street foods. Whether you prefer the classic black version, the crisp white style, or a mix of both, these top 8 places are sure to satisfy your cravings and provide a memorable dining experience.

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