The Durian Bakery: A Paradise for Durian Lovers

July 2, 2024

If you're a durian aficionado in Singapore, The Durian Bakery is your go-to spot for decadent durian treats. This bakery specializes in crafting premium durian-based cakes and pastries, using only the finest Grade A Mao Shan Wang and Sultan King durians. Here's a deep dive into what makes The Durian Bakery stand out and why you should give it a try.

Unmatched Quality and Freshness

Pure Durian Purée
The Durian Bakery prides itself on using its signature SilkyGold™ Durian Purée, made from fresh Mao Shan Wang durians sourced from Pahang, Malaysia. This purée is blended through a secret process that ensures a creamy, luscious texture without any additives. Each bite offers the authentic taste of premium durian​.

Photo: The Durian Bakery | Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Handcrafted Delights
Every item at The Durian Bakery is handcrafted daily to guarantee freshness. The bakery maintains a limited production to ensure each cake and pastry meets its high standards. From cakes to puffs, everything is made to be delivered fresh to your doorsteps within hours of ordering​.

Photo: Joelle

Signature Creations

Mao Shan Wang Durian Mille Crepe Cake
This best-seller features 20 layers of delicate handmade crepes, each generously filled with the SilkyGold™ Durian Purée. It's a luxurious treat that balances the lightness of crepe layers with the rich, creamy durian filling. Priced at $98 for a 1kg cake, it’s perfect for special occasions or a sumptuous dessert experience​.

Photo: Celine Ng
Photo: The Durian Bakery | Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake
For chocolate lovers, the Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake with Mao Shan Wang core is a must-try. This 6-inch cake combines the rich flavors of dark chocolate with the unique taste of durian, offering a balanced, decadent treat that’s both indulgent and delightful.

Photo: The Durian Bakery | Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Oreo Ice Cream Cheese Cake
Blending the creamy goodness of Oreo cheesecake with a durian core, this cake is a delightful fusion of flavors. The crunchy Oreo cookies add texture, making it an irresistible choice for both durian and cheesecake fans.

Photo: The Durian Bakery | Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Diverse Offerings

Signature Durian Dessert Box
Can't decide what to try? The Signature Durian Dessert Box offers a mix of the bakery's best items, including Super Burst MSW Giant Puff, D24 Snowy Mochi, and Dark Choco MSW Mousse. It's an excellent choice for those wanting to sample a variety of durian delights​.

Photo: The Durian Bakery | Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Mochi and Puffs
The Black Gold Musang King Durian Mochi and Super Burst MSW Giant Puff are also standout items. The mochi features a delicate, chewy skin with a luscious durian filling, while the giant puff is generously packed with creamy durian purée, providing an explosion of flavor with every bite​.

Convenience and Accessibility

Same-Day Delivery
The Durian Bakery offers island-wide delivery, ensuring you can get your durian fix no matter where you are in Singapore. They provide same-day delivery, with orders reaching you within 2 hours. This makes it incredibly convenient for last-minute dessert cravings or spontaneous celebrations​.

Whether you're planning a special celebration or simply indulging in a treat for yourself, The Durian Bakery has something to offer every durian lover. Their commitment to quality and freshness ensures that every bite is a delightful experience, making them a standout choice for durian-based desserts in Singapore.

The Durian Bakery | Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore
2 Jln Lokam, #01-47 Kensington Square, Singapore 537846
Opening Hour:
Tuesday, 9 am–5 pm
Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm
Thursday, 9 am–5 pm
Friday, 9 am–5 pm
Saturday, 9 am–5 pm
Sunday, 9 am–5 pm
Monday, 9 am–5 pm

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