Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve: A Day of Birdwatching and Nature Exploration

September 7, 2023

Itinerary for Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


1. Arrival: Start your day early to make the most of your visit. The reserve is open from 7:00 AM.

2. Visitor Centre: Begin your visit at the Visitor Centre to pick up maps, get information about current bird sightings, and learn about the reserve's history and conservation efforts.

Visitor centre photo: Tang

3. Mangrove Boardwalk: Start your exploration with the Mangrove Boardwalk, which is a great place to spot various species of mangrove-dwelling birds. Look out for shorebirds, herons, and egrets. The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible.

Mangrove Boardwalk photo: Prijs Beer

4. Mud Experience: If you're up for it, consider taking the Mud Experience Tour (if available). This guided tour allows you to get up close to the mudflats, where you can observe various crabs, mudskippers, and maybe even a crocodile or two from a safe distance.

Late Morning

5. Main Hide: Head to the Main Hide, which offers panoramic views of the reserve. Bring your binoculars or a spotting scope to get a closer look at the birds and wildlife. The hide is equipped with telescopes, and volunteers often assist visitors with bird identification.

Main Hide photo:  Lorenz Gerber (NorrSwedeFPV)

6. Mangrove Walk: Take the Mangrove Walk trail, which meanders through the mangroves. Along the way, you can observe mud crabs, fiddler crabs, and various plant species that thrive in this unique ecosystem.

Mangrove Walk photo: Agus Wiwanto


7. Picnic: Sungei Buloh has designated picnic areas. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy a meal amidst the natural surroundings.

Hide photo: Sohan Ahmed


8. Avenue of the Trees: Walk along the Avenue of the Trees to admire various plant species, including mangrove trees and the distinctive Nipah palm.

Photo:  Poh Soon Tan

9. Ponds and Lookout Towers: Explore the various ponds and lookout towers throughout the reserve. These vantage points provide opportunities to spot waterbirds like kingfishers, herons, and storks.

Photo: D M

10. Closing Time: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve closes at 7:00 PM. Ensure you exit the park before closing time.

Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes, insect repellent, sun protection, water, and your camera or binoculars. Also, please follow the reserve's rules and guidelines, such as staying on designated paths and not disturbing the wildlife. Enjoy your visit to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and the wonderful birdwatching opportunities it offers!

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