6 Mee Siam to try in Singapore

November 28, 2023

Grandma Mee Siam

Photo: Albert JSL • Cheng-Choon Si • Keith

Grandma Mee Siam, located at 665 Buffalo Rd, #01-311, Singapore 210665, presents a unique and memorable dining experience, especially for those interested in traditional Singaporean flavors. Here's a detailed review based on various sources:

  1. Cuisine and Menu: Grandma Mee Siam is known for its Mee Siam served with yellow noodle, a twist on the traditional dish. For just $2.50, the Mee Siam comes with a substantial mound of yellow noodles, hard-boiled egg halves, chopped chives, tau pok, and a dollop of sweet sambal, all in a pool of gravy​​.
  2. Authenticity and Flavor: Some patrons have noted that the Mee Siam here is not quite the authentic version they expected. One reviewer mentioned it was more like a cross between Mee Siam and diluted laksa, lacking the robustness and tanginess typically found in a good Mee Siam​​. However, another reviewer appreciated the friendly service and the decent old-school style Mee Siam, although they personally preferred a tangier and more savory gravy​​.
  3. Additional Offerings: Apart from Mee Siam, the restaurant also offers items like chicken wing and liver roll, and some reviews highlight the quality of these side dishes. For instance, the ngoh hiang (a type of five-spice pork roll) was well-received for its taste​​. Another reviewer praised the Fried Bee Hoon, which is usually greasy, but found Grandma Mee Siam's version decent and satisfying, especially with the accompanying Ngoh Hiang Roll and Prawn Crackers​​.
  4. Overall Rating: According to TripAdvisor, Grandma Mee Siam has an average rating of 3 out of 5, based on a limited number of reviews. It is considered a place for Thai cuisine, although there aren't extensive reviews on food, service, value, or atmosphere yet​​.

In conclusion, Grandma Mee Siam offers a unique take on traditional Mee Siam with its incorporation of yellow noodles. While some may find the flavors not entirely authentic or robust, others appreciate the old-school style and friendly service. The side dishes, particularly the ngoh hiang, also receive positive mentions. With its affordable pricing and distinctive offerings, Grandma Mee Siam could be a worthwhile visit for those exploring the culinary landscape of Singapore.

Grandma Mee Siam 燻鲨鱼五香虾饼

665 Buffalo Rd, #01-311, Singapore 210665

Robert Mee Siam

Photo: William THC • Steven Yu • IKM

Robert Mee Siam in Singapore offers a unique dining experience, particularly noted for its signature dish, the Nyonya Mee Siam. Here's a detailed review based on various sources:

  1. Ambiance and Setting: The dining area is described as somewhat small and cramped, yet it maintains a laid-back and casual vibe. This setting is considered ideal for enjoying meals in a peaceful atmosphere​​.
  2. Cuisine and Menu: The stall specializes in Mee Siam, a dish that has been absorbed into Singapore's Nonya culture and is popular among both the Muslim and Chinese communities. The Signature Nyonya Mee Siam, priced at $7.90, includes ingredients like prawns, egg, bean sprouts, taupok chives, and homemade sambal chilli on beehoon​​​​. The dish is described as quite basic, featuring a boiled egg, mee hoon in a mee siam gravy sauce, topped with tau pok and chopped spring onions​​.
  3. Reputation and Popularity: The stall is recognized by food critics, including Seth Lui, and is listed among the best Mee Siam stalls. It is noteworthy for attracting long queues, indicating its popularity and the high demand for its Mee Siam, which is known for its sweeter flavor​​​​.
  4. Customer Reviews: On Tripadvisor, Robert Mee Siam has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5, based on unbiased reviews, ranking it #8,768 out of 14,174 restaurants in Singapore​​.

In summary, Robert Mee Siam at 91 Whampoa Dr, Singapore, offers a simple yet authentic Mee Siam experience. The stall's compact and relaxed environment complements its straightforward and traditional approach to this popular dish. While it might not be extravagant, its popularity and the queues it draws are a testament to the quality and taste of its Mee Siam, making it a worthwhile visit for those seeking an authentic local culinary experience.

Robert Mee Siam

91 Whampoa Dr, #01-43, Singapore 320091

Jia Xiang Mee Siam

Photo: 14 13 • Drish • BL

佳香 Jia Xiang Mee Siam

佳香 Jia Xiang Mee Siam, located at 85 Redhill Ln, #01-35, Singapore 150085, has garnered a reputation for its exceptional mee siam and lontong, both priced at an affordable $3. This family-run stall, led by a mother-and-son duo, stands out for its rich history spanning over fifty years. Mdm Tan Bee Eng, the second-generation boss, infuses her dishes with a distinct homeliness and warmth, evident in her interactions with customers​​.

The mee siam is particularly noteworthy, featuring a unique blend of tangy and spicy tamarind broth that's slightly on the sweeter side, making it a hit with many. The dish is served hot and comes loaded with ingredients like tau kwa, tau pok, limes, chives, beansprouts, fried croutons, a whole hard-boiled egg, and sambal belacan chilli, offering a hearty and satisfying meal​​​​.

In contrast, their lontong is a rich, savoury dish with a fragrant coconut milk curry that's not overly thick, allowing the stir-fried vegetables and tau kwa to absorb the broth beautifully. This dish, topped with belacan and containing ketupat and a whole egg, provides a filling and flavorful experience​​.

The stall, known for its no-frills approach, relies on simple but quality ingredients. The passion and dedication of Mdm Tan and her son are palpable in every dish they serve, embodying the essence of authentic hawker food​​.

Located in Redhill Food Centre, the stall operates daily from 11am to 8pm, attracting customers from various parts of Singapore, including Bedok and Whampoa, who come specifically for their mee siam's unique sour-sweet broth​​​​. Jia Xiang's commitment to quality and tradition makes it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic taste of Singapore's hawker cuisine.

85 Redhill Ln, #01-35, Singapore 150085

Hu Hup Mee Siam

Photo: Hup Hup Mee Siam・Laksa・Lor Mee • MNG

Hup Hup Mee Siam, a popular hawker stall in Singapore, has garnered significant acclaim for its delicious offerings. Run by Joseph, a second-generation hawker, the stall is located at the Circuit Road Market & Food Centre and has been in operation for nine years​​. Despite its simple appearance with a faded pink sign, the stall enjoys a steady stream of customers, indicative of its popularity among locals​​.

The stall offers three main dishes - Laksa, Lor Mee, and Mee Siam, each priced reasonably at S$3 to S$3.50. The Mee Siam, served with a generous portion of ingredients and a well-balanced gravy, offers a comforting taste with a lesser degree of spiciness, making it suitable for those with a lower spice tolerance. It has been compared to homemade mee siam, evoking a sense of nostalgia​​.

The Laksa, characterized by its creamy coconut curry broth, is rich and aromatic. Its vermicelli is cooked al dente, and the dish is well-complemented by ingredients like hum (cockles), fishcakes, and laksa leaves. The larger surface area of the fried beancurd in the Laksa effectively soaks up the gravy, enhancing the dish's overall flavor profile​​.

The Lor Mee at Hup Hup Mee Siam stands out for its non-starchy and smooth gravy, a departure from the typical heavier versions of the dish. It includes ingredients like braised pork belly and fried fishcakes, adding a depth of flavor and texture. This dish has been noted for converting even those who are not usual fans of Lor Mee​​.

Customers have consistently praised the food at Hup Hup Mee Siam on TripAdvisor, highlighting the delicious and filling nature of the dishes, the quick service, and the reasonable prices. The Mee Siam, in particular, has been noted for its right level of spiciness and nutty flavor, while the Laksa is loved for its creamy consistency and balanced coconut flavor. Other popular items include their Ngoh Hiang and Orh Nee. Many reviewers expressed a desire to return, reflecting the high level of satisfaction with their dining experience​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Overall, Hup Hup Mee Siam is highly recommended for those seeking affordable, hearty, and flavorful local dishes in Singapore. The stall's dedication to quality and taste, combined with its friendly service, makes it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Hup Hup Mee Siam・Laksa・Lor Mee

80 Circuit Rd, #02-14, Singapore 370080

Maxwell Haha Mee Siam

Photo: Dee Cee (The Dead Cockroach)

Maxwell Haha Mee Siam Mee Rebus, located at 335 Smith Street in Singapore, offers a unique culinary experience with its mee siam and mee rebus dishes. The mee siam here is known for its balance of sweet and sour flavors infused into the noodles and gravy. A Burpple review highlights this dish as one of the best Chinese-style mee siams they've tried, giving it a taste rating of 5/5​​. The dish is described as having a well-balanced sweet and sour flavor with a mild spicy kick​​. Moreover, the portions are generous, featuring bee hoon, a whole egg, tau pok cubes, and chives, providing a filling meal at an affordable price​​.

In contrast, their mee rebus is characterized by yellow noodles and bean sprouts soaked in a fairly thick, nutty gravy with a hint of spiciness. It's served with tofu cubes, egg slices, fried shallots, chopped green chili, and spring onions, with a dash of dark soy sauce. The noodles are described as springy, and the flavors as pleasant​​.

However, one review from Entree Kibbles noted that while the portion size was generous, the mee siam's gravy was too watery and lacked the nutty flavor typically associated with this dish. While it was hearty and caused a sweat, it didn't quite meet their expectations for satisfaction​​.

The stall, known for its Chinese-style preparation of these traditional dishes, seems to offer a unique twist on these local favorites. While reviews are generally positive, particularly for the mee rebus, the mee siam might have a variable reception depending on individual taste preferences.

Maxwell Haha Mee Siam Mee Rebus

335 Smith St, #02-095, Singapore 050335

Delicious Mee Siam

Photo: Pohboon Yeo • chee siong Ong

Delicious 美味 is a notable stall in Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market, renowned for its limited but masterfully crafted menu, featuring Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, and Lontong. Each dish is priced affordably at $3.50. Despite being relatively under-reported in food circles, its popularity is evident through the consistent line-up of customers and regulars. It's recommended to visit early, as their offerings often sell out quickly, especially during lunch hours.

The Mee Siam, in particular, stands out with its robust broth, traditional taste, and a generous helping of ingredients, including bee hoon, egg, and tau pok. The dish exudes a nostalgic charm, reminiscent of the classic flavors one might have grown up with. This stall opens from 8 am to 1 pm from Monday to Tuesday and Friday to Sunday, while it remains closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please note that more comprehensive user reviews were not available within the browsing session. For a more detailed understanding of customer experiences and opinions, additional research or direct visitation may be beneficial. ​​

Delicious 美味 Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Lontong

6 Tanjong Pagar Plz, #02-02, Singapore 081006

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