Singapore's Underground Rave Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to the City's Wildest Nights

December 24, 2023

Yo, after all that COVID drama and lockdowns, Singapore's clubbing world's got a whole new vibe. We're not just talking about wilding out with randos. Now, it's all about those spots where you can be the real you, 100%.

Raves are where it's at – they're like this burst of hope, wild creativity, and that warm, fuzzy feeling of fam. They've always been big globally – like those epic techno clubs in Berlin or the iconic drag balls in NYC. And now, this whole rave thing's making waves right here in SG.

If you're kinda new to this scene, here's the deal: clubs and underground raves might seem the same – dark, packed, and dripping with booze and that young, bold vibe. But, underground raves? They're all about niche vibes, from deep house to trippy trance. Each bash draws a crowd that's mad about their music.

These underground crews drop some sick posters, loaded with pop culture and all sorts of vibes. They're more than just ads; they're like a shoutout to being open and inclusive.

Raves are a big middle finger to those basic cis-het norms. In SG, they're safe havens for peeps who don't fit the usual mold – LGBTQ+ fam, neurodivergent squad, racial minorities, and more.

Looking for a night that's both empowering and wild? Check these top underground raves in SG:

North East Social Club

Since 2019, this crew's been dropping electronic beats in top spots like Cherry Discotheque and Tuff Club. Started as a passion project, North East Social Club's now a big name in the underground scene. Expect to vibe with local artists and regional DJs – think Bongomann of Ice Cream Sundays, Cosmic Child, and more.


Conversion Therapy Clinic

This quirky, queer-friendly spot's all about that tongue-in-cheek vibe, looking like a clinic and all. Step inside for a world of bright lights and cool photo ops. Known for wild drag shows and unique theme nights, get ready to sing your heart out to Ariana or throw it back old school. And the drinks? They're dangerously good.


Escape 56

Run by Blackout Agency Asia and Jagermeister, Escape 56's all about secret pop-up parties. They transform empty spots into lit nightlife experiences. With top DJs like Paramida from Berghain, Berlin, their sets are always fire.


Tuff Club

A fave spot for underground nightlife lovers, Tuff Club's in the heart of the CBD. It's the go-to for clubbers craving something extra or audiophiles after a special set. Known for its wild range of music – from Progressive House to Techno – Tuff Club's both a legend and a haven for diverse crowds.


Bussy Temple

Labelled as a 'queer rave space', Bussy Temple's all about breaking norms. They spotlight non-binary and femme DJs from Southeast Asia, mixing everything from techno to psychedelic tunes. It's not just about the music – it's a place to rethink society and gender roles. They're all about inclusivity, especially for the trans and non-binary peeps.


And there you have it – the top spots in SG to let your hair down and be your true self. These raves aren't just parties; they're movements. Check 'em out and see what's up! 🎉💥🎶

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