Part 2: The Best Instagrammable Spots in Singapore

December 25, 2023

Singapore, a vibrant city-state and a melting pot of cultures, offers a plethora of visually stunning locations that are perfect for Instagram. From iconic architecture to lush greenery, this bustling metropolis has no shortage of spots that can make your Instagram feed stand out. Here’s a guide to the most Instagrammable places in Singapore.

1. Chinatown

Chinatown in Singapore is a blend of old and new, with its traditional shophouses and bustling markets. The colorful facades and street decorations during cultural festivals add to its charm.


Photo: kavya prasad • SHOOTA CHEN (修塔) • Ashwin Jayakumar • 고윈ᄐugly • Kevin Street

2. Little India

Little India is a feast for the senses. The colorful buildings, street art, and vibrant markets make for dynamic and lively photos.

Little India

Photo: William guo • Paulo Cabrita • GV R • Anandh Kumar • Zul M

3. Sentosa Island

For beach lovers, Sentosa Island offers a getaway vibe. The panoramic views, sandy beaches, and themed attractions like Universal Studios provide diverse photo opportunities.


Photo: KC Ho • Đức Hùng Nguyễn • Shubham Mote • Tan Bee Lan • Siva Kumar

4. The Southern Ridges

For nature lovers, The Southern Ridges offers a scenic walk through green spaces and offers a stunning view of the city and the sea. The Henderson Waves bridge is a highlight with its unique architecture.

Southern Ridges

Photo: Dmitry Ivanov • Freddy Seah • Alex Issokson • Jeam Wong •Divyanshu Mahajan

5. Orchard Road

Lastly, Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping belt, lights up especially during the festive season, providing a dazzling urban backdrop.

Orchard Rd

Photo: Fred Lau • Jl Ffm • Matthew Chia • Chlotus • Richard Harrison

Remember, while capturing these Instagram-worthy shots, it's also important to enjoy and experience the diverse culture and beauty of Singapore. Happy exploring and snapping!

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