French Elegance at Claudine

June 24, 2024

Introduction to Claudine

Nestled in the historic Dempsey Hill, Claudine is a French neo-brasserie by renowned Chef Julien Royer and The Lo & Behold Group. Claudine offers a warm and inviting dining experience inspired by the simplicity and joy of French home cooking.


Chef Julien Royer’s Vision

Chef Julien Royer, celebrated for his culinary excellence, brings a personal touch to Claudine, infusing each dish with authenticity and warmth. His vision is to create a space where guests can enjoy classic French cuisine in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, reminiscent of familial gatherings.

Photo: Claudine Restaurant

Home-Cooked French Delights

The menu at Claudine features a selection of quintessential French dishes, from timeless classics to Chef Royer’s personal recipes. Each dish is designed to celebrate the essence of French cuisine, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Signature dishes such as “Coq au Vin” and “Bouillabaisse” highlight the restaurant’s dedication to culinary authenticity.

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The Charming Ambiance

Set in a beautifully preserved colonial chapel, Claudine exudes charm and elegance. The interior blends historical elements with contemporary design, creating a space that is both nostalgic and modern. This unique setting provides the perfect backdrop for intimate dinners and grand celebrations alike.

Photo: Cheryl Ng

Wine and Spirits

Claudine’s extensive wine list and carefully crafted cocktails complement the rich flavors of its cuisine. The sommelier team curates a selection of wines from renowned vineyards, ensuring each pairing enhances the dining experience. Guests can enjoy everything from crisp whites to full-bodied reds, perfectly matched to their meal.

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Community and Celebrations

Claudine is more than a restaurant; it is a gathering place for friends and family. The restaurant hosts a variety of events, from intimate dinners to larger celebrations, providing a versatile space for any occasion. Claudine also offers catering services, bringing the joy of its cuisine to your personal events.

Photo: Claudine Restaurant

Reservations and Location

Located at 39C Harding Road, Claudine is easily accessible and offers a serene escape from the bustling city. Given its popularity, reservations are highly recommended to ensure a memorable dining experience. Whether you are seeking a romantic dinner or a festive gathering, Claudine promises an unforgettable journey through French cuisine.

Conclusion: A Taste of France in Singapore

Claudine stands out as a beacon of French culinary tradition in Singapore, offering a dining experience that combines authenticity, elegance, and warmth. Under Chef Julien Royer’s guidance, Claudine invites guests to savor the simple pleasures of French home cooking in a beautiful, historic setting. To experience the magic of Claudine, visit Claudine Restaurant and make your reservation today.

Claudine Restaurant
39C Harding Rd, Singapore 249541
Opening Hour
Monday, 11:45 am–2 pm, 6–10 pm
Tuesday, 6–10 pm
Wednesday, 6–10 pm
Thursday, 6–10 pm
Friday, 11:45 am–2 pm, 6–10 pm
Saturday, 11:30 am–3 pm, 6–10 pm
Sunday, 11:30 am–3 pm, 6–10 pm

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