Discover the Charm of Potato Head Singapore

April 8, 2024

A Hip Culinary Haven on Keong Saik Road

Located in the bustling Chinatown district at 36 Keong Saik Road, Potato Head Singapore stands out not just for its vibrant food and drinks, but also for its unique architecture and ambiance. This multi-concept venue boasts a burger joint, a sophisticated cocktail bar, and a breezy rooftop bar, offering a layered experience that caters to varied palates and preferences.

Casual Dining with a Twist

At the core of Potato Head Singapore is the "Three Buns" burger joint occupying the first two levels. It's a paradise for burger aficionados, offering a range of inventive and hearty burgers. Highlights from the menu include unique takes like the Burning Rice and the Pokemon, a poke-style dish with quinoa and yellowfin tuna, adding a modern twist to traditional favorites​.

Photo: Potato Head Singapore

An Artful Cocktail Experience

Move up to the third floor and you find Studio 1939, a bar that combines the art of mixology with the aesthetics of a vintage lounge. This spot is famed for its craft cocktails, such as the Rhythm and Vase and the Sun Won't Set, which blend unique ingredients to create memorable drinks. The cocktail menu, dubbed Palette of Sounds, features drinks inspired by iconic songs, enhancing the sensory experience of each sip​,

Photo: Putt Te

A Rooftop with a View

The crown jewel is the rooftop bar, a perfect spot for tropical cocktails accompanied by Balearic beats and stunning views of the Singapore skyline. It's an ideal locale for winding down the evening or kicking off a night out in style​.

Photo: Richard Twydell

What Others Say

Potato Head Singapore holds a solid reputation with locals and tourists alike, consistently earning positive reviews for its quality food deals, innovative drinks, and exceptional service. Its central location near Chinatown also makes it a convenient dining and socializing spot, easily accessible for an after-work drink or a weekend outing​.

Image: K L

Whether you're in for a burger, a bespoke cocktail, or just some good vibes under the Singapore sky, Potato Head Singapore at Keong Saik Road promises a memorable experience for all who walk through its doors. For more details on what’s happening at Potato Head Singapore, visit their official website or plan a visit to experience it firsthand.

Potato Head Singapore
36 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089143
Open Hour:
Saturday, 12 pm–12 am
Sunday, 12 pm–12 am
Monday, 12 pm–12 am
Tuesday12 pm–12 am
Wednesday12 pm–12 am
Thursday, 12 pm–12 am
Friday, 12 pm–12 am

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