Discover Neon Pigeon: A Culinary Oasis on Carpenter Street

May 29, 2024

Situated in the heart of Singapore at 36 Carpenter Street, Neon Pigeon offers a unique dining experience that combines the essence of a traditional izakaya with contemporary flair. The moment you step into this stylish venue, the vibrant, urban decor immediately catches your eye, setting the tone for a memorable evening. From its graffiti-covered walls to its industrial-chic ambiance, Neon Pigeon creates an atmosphere that is both edgy and welcoming.

Photo: Pat

Innovative Izakaya Bites

Neon Pigeon’s menu is a masterful blend of innovative and traditional Japanese cuisine, designed to be shared among friends. Among the standout starters is the Tokyo Hummus, a delightful twist on the classic, made with edamame and served with curry chips. This dish perfectly encapsulates the restaurant’s approach: familiar yet refreshingly new. Another must-try is the KFC Bao, featuring karaage chicken with soy glaze and gochujang, offering a mouthwatering explosion of flavors with every bite.

Photo: Neon Pigeon

A Symphony of Grilled Delights

The robata grill section of the menu is where Neon Pigeon truly shines, showcasing an array of meticulously grilled meats and seafood. The Smoked Duroc Pork Ribs, slathered in a miso mustard BBQ sauce, are tender and flavorful, falling off the bone with ease. For seafood lovers, the Grilled Salmon with yuzu kosho ponzu and cherry tomatoes is a fresh and zesty option. Each item from the grill is prepared with precision, highlighting the quality of ingredients and the skill of the chefs.

Photo: Keni Chong

Creative and Refreshing Sashimi and Maki

For fans of raw fish, Neon Pigeon offers a selection of sashimi and maki that are both creative and refreshing. The Chu Toro Tataki, featuring smoked wafu dressing and wakame, provides a delicate and smoky flavor profile that’s hard to resist. Another highlight is the Salmon Mentai Roll, combining the richness of salmon with cream cheese and cucumber, wrapped in a perfectly seasoned roll. These dishes showcase the restaurant’s ability to blend traditional Japanese techniques with modern tastes.

Hearty Large Sharing Plates

The large sharing plates at Neon Pigeon are perfect for groups looking to enjoy a communal dining experience. The Bo-Ssam, featuring Kurobuta pork collar and lettuce wraps, is a hearty and satisfying choice, ideal for sharing. The Galbi-Jjim, with A5 wagyu short-rib and steamed buns, offers a luxurious and indulgent taste of high-quality beef. These dishes are served with an array of sides and banchan, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling meal.

Photo: Khalid Al-Ghanim

Desserts to Delight Your Palate

No meal at Neon Pigeon is complete without sampling their innovative desserts. The Breakfast for Dessert, with soy and oat milk panna cotta, miso granola, and strawberries, is a delightful and unexpected treat. Another popular choice is the Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich, which combines the earthy flavors of green tea with the refreshing tang of yuzu strawberry ice cream. These desserts are the perfect way to end your dining experience on a high note.

Photo: Renee Cutaia

A Memorable Dining Experience

Neon Pigeon offers more than just a meal; it provides an experience that delights all the senses. From the visually striking decor to the expertly crafted dishes, every aspect of this restaurant is designed to impress. Whether you’re visiting for a casual dinner with friends or a special occasion, Neon Pigeon promises a dining adventure that is both unique and unforgettable. With its innovative menu and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder that this izakaya has become a beloved spot in Singapore’s culinary scene.

Neon Pigeon
36 Carpenter St, #01-01, Singapore 059915
Opening Hour:
Tuesday, 5:30 pm–12 am
Wednesday, 5:30 pm–12 am
Thursday, 5:30 pm–12 am
Friday, 5:30 pm–12 am
Saturday, 5:30 pm–12 am
Sunday, 5:30 pm–12 am
Monday, 5:30 pm–12 am




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