Calling All Ramen Fans: Mensho Tokyo Arrives in Singapore at Raffles City!

July 10, 2024

A Global Ramen Powerhouse Arrives in Singapore

Founded by revered ramen master Tomoharu Shono at the young age of 25, Mensho Tokyo has taken the world by storm.Shono's dedication to his craft and innovative approach to ramen has earned him a loyal following and a reputation for excellence. Now, Singaporean ramen enthusiasts can finally experience Mensho Tokyo's unique take on this beloved Japanese dish.

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The Perfect Location for a Perfect Bowl of Ramen

The new Mensho Tokyo restaurant will be situated conveniently on the third floor of Raffles City, just a short walk from City Hall MRT Station. This prime location makes it easily accessible for lunchtime ramen cravings or a casual dinner outing. So, whether you're a seasoned ramen explorer or a curious newbie, Mensho Tokyo's Raffles City location promises to be a convenient and delightful destination.

Beyond the Signature Tori Paitan: A Celebration of Innovation

Mensho Tokyo is renowned for its signature tori paitan (chicken broth) ramen. This rich, flavorful broth is a testament to Shono's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and his dedication to meticulous preparation techniques. But Mensho Tokyo doesn't stop there. They're also known for pushing the boundaries of ramen with innovative creations like matcha ramen and lamb ramen.

For those seeking a more familiar experience, Mensho Tokyo offers a variety of classic ramen options alongside their unique dishes. This ensures there's something to tantalize every taste bud, making Mensho Tokyo a perfect spot for both ramen aficionados and those curious to explore the exciting world of this Japanese noodle soup.

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Exclusive Delights Await in Singapore

This Singapore outlet of Mensho Tokyo holds a special treat for local ramen lovers. In addition to their regular menu,they'll be offering a selection of exclusive dishes and desserts. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the creativity and culinary prowess of Mensho Tokyo's chefs firsthand. Whether it's a new ramen variation or a unique dessert creation,these exclusive offerings are sure to add an exciting element to your dining experience.

Photo: Daisy H

With its global reputation, convenient location, and commitment to innovation, Mensho Tokyo's arrival in Singapore is a cause for celebration. Mark your calendars for July 20th and get ready to embark on a delicious ramen adventure at Raffles City!

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