Brasserie Astoria: A Taste of Paris in Singapore

June 24, 2024

Introduction to Brasserie Astoria

Located at 11 Empress Place in Singapore, Brasserie Astoria offers a Parisian brasserie experience with a modern twist. Part of the Frantzén Group, this dining venue combines French culinary traditions with contemporary influences, creating a unique gastronomic journey.

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Chef Björn Frantzén’s Vision

Chef Björn Frantzén, renowned for his innovative approach to cuisine, brings his expertise to Brasserie Astoria. His vision is to recreate the charm and elegance of classic Parisian brasseries while incorporating modern techniques and high-quality ingredients. Chef Frantzén's influence ensures that each dish is both sophisticated and accessible, appealing to a wide range of palates.

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Signature Dishes

The menu at Brasserie Astoria features a variety of French classics, each prepared with a contemporary flair. Signature dishes like "Steak Frites" and "Duck Confit" highlight the restaurant's dedication to authenticity and quality. Additionally, the "Plat du Jour" offers a rotating selection of daily specials, showcasing seasonal ingredients and culinary creativity.

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Elegant Ambiance

The interior of Brasserie Astoria is designed to evoke the timeless elegance of Parisian brasseries. With a blend of traditional and modern elements, the decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you're enjoying a casual lunch or a celebratory dinner, the ambiance enhances the overall dining experience.

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Wine and Cocktails

Brasserie Astoria boasts an impressive wine list, featuring selections from renowned vineyards across France and beyond. The knowledgeable sommelier team is always available to recommend the perfect pairing for your meal. The bar also offers a range of cocktails with a Nordic focus and Asian influences, adding a unique twist to classic recipes.

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Private Dining and Events

The restaurant offers private dining options, making it an ideal venue for special occasions and corporate events. With personalized service and tailored menus, Brasserie Astoria ensures that every event is memorable. The conservatory is perfect for hosting parties, providing an elegant and intimate setting for any gathering.

Photo: Brasserie Astoria Singapore

Reservations and Location

Given its popularity, reservations at Brasserie Astoria are highly recommended. Located at 11 Empress Place, the restaurant is easily accessible and offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, Brasserie Astoria promises an exceptional dining experience.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit Destination

Brasserie Astoria seamlessly blends the charm of a Parisian brasserie with modern culinary innovation. Under the guidance of Chef Björn Frantzén, the restaurant offers a menu that celebrates French cuisine while embracing contemporary influences. For an unforgettable dining experience in a beautiful setting, visit Brasserie Astoria and make your reservation today.

Brasserie Astoria Singapore
11 Empress Pl, Singapore 179558
Opening Hour
Monday, 12–2:30 pm, 6–10 pm
Tuesday, 12–2:30 pm, 6–10 pm
Wednesday, 12–2:30 pm, 6–10 pm
Thursday, 12–2:30 pm, 6–10 pm
Friday, 12–10:30 pm
Saturday, 12–10:30 pm
Sunday, 12–2:30 pm, 6–10 pm

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