A Ranking of Durian Types from Priciest to Most Affordable

August 23, 2023

Durians are known for their distinct flavors and aromas, and Singapore offers a variety of durian types to choose from. The prices of durians can vary based on factors like rarity, taste, and demand. Here are some popular types of durians in Singapore ranked from priciest to cheapest.

1. Mao Shan Wang (Musang King)

This is often considered the king of durians due to its rich and creamy flesh, distinctive bittersweet taste, and strong aroma. It's highly sought after, and its scarcity contributes to its high price.

2. D24

D24 durians are known for their smooth and creamy texture, with a balanced sweet and bitter taste. They're quite popular and generally more affordable than Mao Shan Wang.

3. Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng)

Golden Phoenix durians are smaller in size and have a pale yellow flesh. They're known for their sweet and slightly nutty flavor. They tend to be pricier than D24 but cheaper than Mao Shan Wang.

4. Red Prawn (Ang Hei)

Red Prawn durians have a distinctive reddish hue to their flesh. They're known for their rich and creamy texture with a mix of sweet and bitter flavors. They're often considered a good balance between price and taste.

5. XO

XO durians are named for their intense flavor, which is similar to the potent liquor of the same name. They have a strong aroma and a creamy texture, with a mix of sweet and bitter notes. They're usually priced in the mid-range.

6. Black Pearl

Black Pearl durians are characterized by their small size and glossy black husk. They have a creamy texture and a bittersweet taste, making them a favorite among durian enthusiasts.

7. Green Bamboo (Tekka)

Green Bamboo durians are known for their refreshing, slightly citrusy flavor. They have a milder aroma compared to other varieties. They're generally more affordable and considered a budget-friendly option.

8. Hong Xia (Black Thorn)

Black Thorn durians are medium-sized with a reddish-brown husk. They have a distinctive caramel-like flavor with a mix of sweet and bitter notes. They're considered relatively expensive.

9. D101

D101 durians have a pale yellow flesh and a mild, sweet taste. They're usually priced lower than some of the more premium varieties.

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