A Culinary Gem in a Backyard: Unveiling Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen

May 28, 2024

Singapore's food scene boasts a vibrant mix of cuisines, but for those seeking a unique and intimate dining experience,Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen stands out. This hidden gem isn't your typical restaurant; it's a home-based haven helmed by Chef Sam Wong, offering a taste of authentic Cantonese flavors in a charming setting.

Photo: Flo Yeow

Beyond the Menu: The Allure of a Private Kitchen Experience

Forget the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants. Lucky House offers a personalized experience unlike any other. Nestled in a terrace house along Upper East Coast Road, the magic unfolds within Chef Sam's own backyard kitchen. The spacious area provides a relaxed and intimate ambiance, perfect for a special occasion or a gathering of close friends.

Photo: James Lim

This unique setting fosters a sense of community. Diners get to interact not only with each other but also with Chef Sam himself, who might share stories behind the dishes or offer recommendations based on your preferences. It's a far cry from the formality of fine dining, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels more like a friend's dinner party.

Photo: Flo Yeow

An Ode to Cantonese Cuisine: Chef Sam's Culinary Craft

The true star of Lucky House is, of course, the food. Chef Sam, a self-taught home cook with a passion for Cantonese cuisine, takes diners on a flavorful journey through his heritage. The menu, meticulously crafted and ever-changing with the seasons, showcases his skills and respect for tradition.

Photo: Chiang Yin Wong

Expect a symphony of classic Cantonese dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. From delicate seafood dishes to hearty stir-fries and comforting soups, each dish is a testament to Chef Sam's dedication to quality and his focus on preserving Cantonese culinary heritage. Be prepared to be surprised by unexpected flavor combinations and cooking techniques, a true reflection of Chef Sam's creativity within the framework of tradition.

Photo: David Chang
Photo: Redherring “Redherring”
Photo: Flo Yeow
Photo: Wen Huang

A Culinary Adventure Awaits: A Peek into the Lucky House Experience

While the exact menu changes seasonally, there are some signature dishes that frequently grace the table. Diners consistently rave about the Charcoal Boiled Pork Shoulder with Arrow Root and Peanut Soup, a comforting and flavorful dish that embodies Cantonese home-style cooking.

Photo: J

Another crowd-pleaser is the Crayfish Omelette, where generous chunks of succulent crayfish are incorporated into a fluffy egg dish. For seafood lovers, steamed fish is a must-try, cooked to perfection and served with a light and flavorful soy sauce-based sauce. No Cantonese meal is complete without rice, and Lucky House offers perfectly cooked fluffy white rice to complement the rich and savory dishes.

Be prepared to indulge in a multi-course feast, with each dish showcasing Chef Sam's culinary artistry. Remember,reservations are crucial due to Lucky House's popularity, with wait times sometimes stretching to a year. But for those who appreciate authentic flavors and a unique dining experience, the wait is undoubtedly worth it.

Photo: James Lim

Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen 陶然居
267 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 466413
Opening Hour:
Tuesday, 6:30–10:30 pm
Wednesday, 6:30–10:30 pm
Thursday, 6:30–10:30 pm
Friday, 6:30–10:30 pm
Saturday, Closed
Sunday, Closed
Monday, 6:30–10:30 pm



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