Top 7 Hairstyles for Guys in Singapore

August 25, 2023


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The undercut melds brief and extended men's hairdos that catch attention from every viewpoint. The lower back and sides are closely shaved, while the upper hair is elegantly brushed to the right, left, or rearward. Achieving its look is effortless and swift, facilitated by employing either a natural pomade or hair gel designed for men.

Classic Quiff

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Elvis and the Rockabilly crew were unrivaled in their mastery of the quiff hairstyle during their time. In the present era, numerous emerging artists and actors are honoring this classic look. Moreover, Pinterest predicts a rising trend for this style in the coming years, particularly favoring variations featuring a casually tousled top.

Classic Pompadour

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The prominent mass of hair on the upper part, known as the 'pomp,' gradually tapers as it extends towards the rear.

The classic concept of longer hair on the upper portion and shorter sides has become a fundamental approach to crafting appealing men's hairstyles. The extra length on top allows for versatile hairstyling using products, whereas the sides and back can be effortlessly managed, with or without such products.

Irrespective of whether your hair is naturally curly, straight, or wavy, there exists a style that complements you perfectly – ranging from slicked-back looks, elegant comb overs, to the untamed and free-flowing style.

The Crew Cut

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The versatile 'real man' haircut! The crop is a truly adaptable hairstyle for men. It's a great option for mature men and is the go-to choice for busy professionals who are always on the move. This cut is perfect for a polished look at work with just a touch of hair product, or you can embrace a relaxed and tousled appearance for a casual weekend.

Another effortlessly stylish option is the crew cut, which doesn't demand a brush or blow-dryer for styling. Instead, a small amount of clay or paste rubbed between your palms and applied to the hair tips is all you need to manage any frizz.

When you visit your barber, ask for a gradual fade on the sides and back while maintaining some texture on the top. The crop is entirely achieved with scissors; clippers can be used on the sides and back if desired.

This hairstyle works well for men with fine hair as it gives the illusion of thickness on the crown. Those who prefer short hair with minimal weight will also find this style appealing due to its easy maintenance and effortless styling.

The Buzz Cut

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The military has popularized the buzzcut by creating associations of masculinity, toughness, and authority through this low-maintenance hairstyle.

Achieved using electric clippers, the buzzcut necessitates regular visits to the barber (typically every 3-4 weeks) to maintain its sharp and orderly appearance.

Tame stray hairs by applying a small amount of matt clay, a natural moisturizing conditioner for men's hair, onto a dry scalp.

For added intrigue, you can request a fade on the sides and back from your barber. While this style suits most men, it is particularly advantageous for those with thinning hair.

A light stubble can complement this understated hairstyle, adding a touch of elegance.

The Side Part

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Reimagining this: Embrace the enduring charm of a 1950s classic hairstyle that exudes a polished, capable, and professional demeanor.

The iconic side part necessitates graduated length on the sides, with the crown's hair surpassing that of the lateral sections. To master this aesthetic, ample length and fullness atop the head are essential.

Opt for a subtle low fade if you seek a conventional appearance. While high fades are en vogue presently, remember they are best suited for younger gentlemen.

Crafted exclusively with scissors, the side sweep introduces abundant textural elements to the hair. It complements individuals with lush, undulating locks, proving more intricate for those with thin or straight hair.

Maintain a balanced length on the back and sides, showcasing a relaxed and effortlessly maintained haircut. Amplify your hair's wave pattern by applying a hair paste to damp strands, then finger scrunching while blow-drying to achieve a slightly tousled, voluminous, and textured effect.


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This is the standard haircut when boys turn into men in Singapore. It unifies all budding youths and is an undeniably fashion statement young men in Singapore cannot miss. Literally.

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