Vacuum Showdown: Dyson V8 vs. Xiaomi Roidmi F8 - Which is Your Ideal Pick?

August 29, 2023

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner requires careful consideration. We've evaluated the Dyson V8 and Xiaomi Roidmi F8 models, comparing their cleaning ability, run time, price, and more.

Cleaning Performance

While both excel on hard floors, Roidmi outperforms with larger debris, while Dyson excels at deep carpet cleaning and hard floor debris pickup. For carpet-free homes, Roidmi suits daily upkeep.


HEPA filters from Xiaomi and Dyson ensure clean air, crucial for allergies. Xiaomi's inclusion of HEPA in an affordable model is noteworthy.


Efficiency matters—Dyson V8 leads with larger capacity and wider suction tubes reducing clogs.

Run-time & Recharging

Roidmi offers 50-min cleaning vs. Dyson's 40-min. Roidmi's 2.5-hr recharge outperforms Dyson's 4.5 hrs. Newer Dyson models edge out V8 in usage time and recharge.


Xiaomi's minimalist, modern white design contrasts Dyson's distinctive vibrant look. Design preference and home theme influence choice.

Price & Value

Roidmi's cost-effectiveness at S$325 competes with Dyson's S$598 for V8. Warranty varies—Dyson offers a 2-year warranty with service centers, Xiaomi a 1-year warranty without service centers in Singapore.

Additional Features

Both include wall-mounted docks, attachments (crevice, combo, pet tools). Xiaomi's app provides extra tech details, favoring tech enthusiasts.

Choosing the Right Fit

Select Xiaomi for budget-friendly effectiveness, Dyson for durability and reliability within a higher budget.

Ultimately, both brands offer quality options with varied features. Your specific needs and preferences will guide your decision.

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