"Top 7 Must-Try Dishes at West Coast Food Centre"

September 18, 2023


Choon T

If you love spicy food, visit Ji Xing Hainanese Curry Rice at West Coast Market. Known for fragrant, spicy Hainanese curry over rice and sides like pork cutlets and chicken wings. They also serve a mild curry. A must-try for flavor lovers.

For top Hainanese curry rice in West Coast Market, try Ji Xing. Generous portions, including braised pork, pork chop, and chap chye. Their curry is creamy and flavourful, not very spicy.



For a comforting, delicious meal, visit Ming Kee Porridge. They offer a variety of porridge, noodles, and rice dishes with roasted meats. Try smooth duck porridge, wonton noodles with char siew, or hearty roasted chicken rice. It caters to all tastes. Compared to nearby stalls, Ming Kee is the best. Pork porridge with marinated minced meat balls is a must-try. They provide condiments like fried fritters, ginger, spring onions, pepper, and sesame oil. If you're lucky, you might get extra fritters. While the porridge is excellent, I look forward to trying more options.


Andrew Lin Yikai

Seafood lovers, don't miss the sliced fish, fish head, and seafood soup at West Coast Market. This hawker gem serves up rich, flavorful broth and perfectly cooked fresh fish slices. The tender, juicy fish head is also a popular choice. You can enhance your soup with prawns, clams, and squid for a hearty, satisfying seafood meal.

What's more, West Coast Market offers budget-friendly prices, with a bowl of sliced fish soup starting at just $3. It's an affordable option for a quick, tasty meal. Conveniently located near West Coast Plaza, you can grab a bite while shopping. If you're in the area craving delicious seafood, be sure to try the fish dishes at this unnamed stall. It's a frequent haunt for locals, with queues forming during mealtimes. For an extra treat, try their homemade meatballs made with minced meat and hints of salted fish—bouncy and delicious, they complement the soup perfectly. The thick, fresh fish slices add to the overall culinary experience.


Wilson Foo

For classic and delicious Singaporean fare, visit Mei Feng Roasted Chicken Rice. This humble stall has served top-notch roasted chicken rice for 20+ years, drawing a loyal crowd. They offer tender white or roasted chicken with fragrant, ginger-infused rice. Enhance your meal with homemade chili and soy sauce. Generous portions and reasonable prices ensure a satisfying, budget-friendly meal. Quick, friendly service and a clean environment make it a perfect spot for a simple lunch or dinner with loved ones. The roasted chicken steals the spotlight, incredibly moist and flavorful. Don't miss out, especially if you're in the West. Even for non-locals, their roast chicken is a must-try; just order extra to avoid my mistake.


Rebecca Foong

For a satisfying and comforting meal, Hup Kee Braised Duck Rice Porridge Noodle is a sure bet. This renowned hawker stall has delighted diners with mouthwatering braised duck dishes for over 40 years, boasting a dedicated following. Take your pick from rice, porridge, or noodles to accompany their tender, juicy braised duck, infused with a secret blend of herbs and spices for a rich, savory flavor.

To complete your meal, consider adding side dishes like braised eggs, tofu, peanuts, or intestines. Portions are generous, prices wallet-friendly, offering excellent value. The friendly and efficient staff ensure a pleasant experience, and the stall maintains high hygiene standards. Whether you're a braised duck enthusiast or seeking something new, Hup Kee Braised Duck Rice Porridge Noodle is a must-try. One taste, and you'll be hooked!


Kenneth Chan

Fishball noodle fans, don't miss Soon Lee Fishball Noodles at West Coast Food Centre. This unassuming hawker stall serves an unforgettable bowl of fishball noodles that will keep you coming back for more.

The star of the show is the handmade fishball, crafted daily from fresh fish. These fishballs are delightfully bouncy and chewy, with a savory flavor that perfectly complements the noodles. The noodles themselves are cooked to perfection, boasting just the right texture and springiness. The broth, though light, is bursting with flavor, making each slurp a joy. In addition to the fishball noodles, Soon Lee offers other delectable dishes like fish dumplings and fish cake, all worth a try.


Jeremy Tan

For tasty and budget-friendly local cuisine, consider Hani Food Stall. This cozy eatery offers a range of Malay and Chinese dishes like nasi lemak, mee goreng, and chicken rice. With generous portions and reasonable prices, you can indulge without breaking the bank. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the food is consistently fresh and piping hot.

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