Top 10: Women's Havaianas Best Seller

August 11, 2023
Slim Sparkle ME Flip Flops

"More shine, you say? Look no further than the Slim Sparkle Flip Flops! Building upon the legacy of the Slim Glitter, these flip flops infuse each of your strides with an extra dose of radiance. Delighting in slender straps adorned with abundant sparkle, the soles themselves are a glistening spectacle."

Twist Sandals

Created specifically for urban environments, this footwear is perfect for adding a touch of fashionable flair to your look. With its 'T' shaped straps taking inspiration from the realms of fashion and footwear, this design is both simple and sophisticated. It's a great choice for navigating damp spaces post-beach outing. The inclusion of a raised logo and adjustable clasp enhances safety and stability while walking.

Slim Flatform Flip Flops

The inspiration for the Slim Flatform Flip Flops stems from the seamless fusion of style and comfort that's currently in vogue. This particular design is truly distinctive, courtesy of its sleek, elevated sole that provides a subtle elevation of a few centimeters while ensuring comfort remains uncompromised. Moreover, these flip-flops infuse a contemporary touch into any ensemble, effortlessly enhancing its modern appeal.

Freedom Chains Sandals

Specially crafted for urban life, this design is perfectly suited to give you that stylish edge. Boasting 'T' shaped straps influenced by the realms of fashion and footwear, it combines simplicity with elegance. Whether you're navigating damp spaces after a beach outing or strolling through the city, its adjustable clasp and prominent pop-up logo enhance safety and confidence in every step.

Slim Brasil Flip Flops

Individuals who have an affinity for the Slim model can also opt to adorn their feet with the emblematic Brazilian flag, a design that elevated Havaianas to the status of the most coveted flip-flops worldwide. The slender straps are accentuated by the contrasting logo, while the dainty sole features intricate colorful threading.

Freedom SL Sandals

Created specifically for urban environments, this design is perfect for adding a touch of fashionable flair to your appearance. The 'T' shaped straps draw inspiration from the realms of both fashion and footwear. With its simple yet elegant aesthetic, it's an excellent choice for wearing in damp areas post-beach outings. The sandals boast a prominent logo that pops, and the adjustable clasp not only enhances the look but also provides additional security while walking.

Slim Animals Flip Flops

The Havaianas Slim Animals is a model that showcases enduring and iconic animal prints, paired with slender metallic and sturdy straps. It effortlessly complements various outfits, radiating both elegance and sophistication.

Slim Flop Flops

An all-time favorite from Havaianas. This sleek and graceful design features a more slender and feminine silhouette. Its timeless elegance makes it the perfect summer accessory that effortlessly fits into any suitcase.

Luna Sandals

Presenting the all-new Luna Sandal, exuding increased femininity and elegance - an ideal choice whether you're strolling along the beach or exploring the cityscape. Experience secure footing through the innovative strap design, meticulously crafted to guarantee both comfort and seamless adaptation to the lifestyle embraced by devoted Havaianas enthusiasts. Discover this exquisite sandal in an extensive array of captivating hues.

You Rio Chunky Sandals

An ankle-strapped thong model undergoes a transformative enhancement, fusing the finest elements of Havaianas. Enhanced by exquisite colors and our distinctive touches, this pair swiftly becomes a go-to, offering enduring comfort and foot refinement. With an extensive array of hues, it adapts effortlessly to casual wear or complements your preferred evening ensemble. As for the accessorized variant, Havaianas You Rio Chunky boasts an urban-industrial essence, evident in the chain-inspired oversized pin. Ready to embrace audacity? Slide your feet into these and exude confidence as you flaunt them.

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