These are Several Free VPN Options Available for Mac

January 9, 2024


Known for its strong privacy policy and no data limit, but the free version offers limited speeds and servers.


Offers 10 GB of data per month for free and access to servers in 10 countries. It's known for good speeds and strong encryption.

Hotspot Shield

Provides a free version with daily data limits. It's user-friendly and offers decent speeds.


User-friendly with a fun interface, offering 500 MB of data per month for free. It's known for strong privacy policies.

Offers 10 GB of data per month in its free version, with strong privacy protections and a no-logs policy.

Remember, while free VPNs can be useful, they often have limitations such as data caps, speed restrictions, fewer server locations, and might display ads. Also, it's important to be cautious about the privacy and security standards of free VPN services. If you require more robust and reliable service, you might want to consider a paid VPN option.

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