Super Loco Robertson Quay: A Festive Mexican Culinary Adventure in Singapore

May 16, 2024

Super Loco Robertson Quay invites both locals and tourists to dive into a vibrant, festive dining experience right beside the scenic Singapore River. This Mexican-inspired 'Cocina Y Bar' is a celebrated spot in the Robertson Quay area, known for its lively atmosphere and flavorful dishes that capture the essence of Mexican street food culture.

The Vibrant Ambience

Photo: Br Rollin
Photo: Terry

The decor of Super Loco Robertson Quay is a true nod to the colorful streets of Mexico City, adorned with vibrant posters and a lively, casual setting that's perfect for both leisurely meals and spirited gatherings. The restaurant offers both indoor and riverside dining, making it an ideal locale for enjoying a meal while taking in the views of the river.

The Menu: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Super Loco's menu is a feast for the senses, featuring traditional Mexican dishes with a creative twist. Standout items include the Elotes, a grilled corn on the cob slathered in mayonnaise, cotija cheese, and chili powder, and the Ceviche De Pulpo, which offers a fresh taste of the ocean with its tangy flavors of smoked paprika and squid ink​.

Photo: Abigail Rodriguez

For those who appreciate a hearty meal, the Arrachera con Chile Ancho is a must-try. This dish features grilled skirt steak marinated in an ancho chili spice rub, delivering a robust flavor that pairs wonderfully with their soft corn flour tacos. The menu also includes lighter options like the Açaí Bowl and innovative cocktails such as the Thai Lime Tommy's Margarita, known for its refreshing taste with a hint of heat​.

Photo: Arun Nair

Brunch and More

Super Loco Robertson Quay is not just about dinner; their brunch menu is equally compelling, featuring dishes like Huevos Rancheros and a Chipotle hollandaise-topped Eggs Benedict. The brunch setting by the river adds a relaxing touch to the weekend vibes​.

Photo: Super Loco Robertson Quay
Photo: Super Loco Robertson Quay

Special Features

The restaurant also hosts 'El Loco Hour', a happy hour that promises great deals on snacks, margaritas, beers, and house spirits. This makes Super Loco a popular spot for both after-work wind-downs and celebrations​.


Super Loco Robertson Quay offers more than just a meal; it provides an experience. With its dynamic menu, captivating setting by the river, and a festive atmosphere, it's a destination that brings the spirit of Mexico to the heart of Singapore. Whether you're looking for a place to have a fun meal with friends or a scenic spot for a relaxing dinner, Super Loco Robertson Quay stands out as a vibrant culinary gem in the city's dining scene.

Super Loco Robertson Quay
60 Robertson Quay, #01-13 The Quayside, Singapore 238252
Opening Hour:
Thursday, 11:30 am–11 pm
Friday, 11:30 am–11:30 pm
Saturday, 10 am–11:30 pm
Sunday, 10 am–11 pm
Monday, 5–11 pm
Tuesday, 11:30 am–11 pm
Wednesday, 11:30 am–11 pm



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