Single Ticket Hits S$6M TOTO Reunion Jackpot: A Lunar New Year Windfall from Jurong West

February 5, 2024

A single ticket from Jurong West clinches the entire S$6M TOTO Reunion Jackpot, making one individual extraordinarily lucky right before the Lunar New Year. The TOTO Reunion Draw, held on February 2, promised a fortune, and it delivered, with a grand prize of nearly S$6 million going to just one winner.

Singapore Pools confirmed the jackpot amount at S$5,974,351

Winning numbers 2, 27, 29, 36, 44, and 48, plus an additional number of 12.

Unlike most draws where the prize is divided among several winners, this time, a solitary bettor defied the odds to claim the entire sum, heralding a prosperous Lunar New Year. Meanwhile, the second-tier prize was divided among 13 winners, each receiving S$96,751. The lucky ticket was purchased at a Singapore Pools Authorised Retailer located in Jurong West, now dubbed the latest 'huat' outlet.

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