Rifle Range Nature Park: A Green Oasis in Singapore

October 13, 2023

Nestled to the south of the iconic Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore, Rifle Range Nature Park is a 66-hectare marvel that both protects and enriches its neighboring natural wonder. Serving as a green buffer, this park shields Bukit Timah Nature Reserve from the encroachment of urban development, safeguarding it from edge effects and enhancing ecological connectivity.

But what truly sets Rifle Range Nature Park apart is its commitment to sustainability. It proudly holds the title of Singapore's first net positive energy nature park. The solar panels adorning its landscape harvest an abundance of energy, surpassing the expected annual operational consumption of the park. It's a testament to Singapore's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Exploring the Enchanted Forest

Photo: • Samuel WuJack YamLoi Boon ToonVENNYVermin Krank

Rifle Range Nature Park is a paradise for those who appreciate nature's serenity. The park boasts a network of boardwalks and trails that lead you on a captivating journey through its lush landscapes. Here are some of the highlights:

Gliders Boardwalk (411 m)

Photo: chee tianRubiah RahimYa Ting Lee

This barrier-free elevated boardwalk seamlessly connects the Visitor Pavilion to the Quarry Wetland, a pristine freshwater ecosystem born from the remnants of the Sin Seng Quarry. While walking this path, you can catch glimpses of innovative animal crossing features like rope bridges and colugo poles, designed to ensure the safety of wildlife, such as the Long-tailed Macaque and Sunda Colugo. Be sure to visit the Forest Exploration Trail to learn more about these unique features.

Forest Exploration Trail (113 m)

Photo: Steven LeeVENNYSamuel Wu

An excellent play area for children, this trail features logs and boulders, providing a direct connection to nature. Children can develop their balancing skills by climbing, walking, and jumping over these natural obstacles.

Rambai Boardwalk (535 m)

This informative boardwalk narrates the rich history of Rifle Range Nature Park as the former site of the Singapore Gun Club and Sin Seng Quarry.

Colugo Trail (582 m)

Photo: SunshineSatish NurukurthiMing Jie LohCalvin ZhaoArun

For panoramic vistas, hike up the Colugo Trail, leading you to the Colugo Deck, perched 31 meters above the Quarry Wetland.

Banyan (647 m) and Gaharu Trail (842 m)

Photo: Mark ChenWie Beng David LeeIrmawatyTrung Nguyen Dang

Those in search of a more rustic hiking experience can embark on the Banyan and Gaharu Trails, which begin at the Gaharu Entrance of Rifle Range Nature Park on Jalan Kampong Chantek. Here, you can hike beneath the shade of majestic Banyan trees and pause to admire a tranquil stream along the Banyan Trail.

Quarry Wetland

Photo: Steven Lee

Once an excavated quarry, this wetland is now teeming with life. The existing terrain has been thoughtfully transformed into a haven for wetland animals, including the Scarlet Skimmer and the Common Kingfisher, and even serves as a temporary stopover for migratory birds.

Colugo Deck

Photo: Jeffrey C
Photo: Satish Nurukurthi

Inspired by the flight of the Sunda Colugo, the Colugo Deck offers a unique perspective on the park's beauty.

Waterhen Hide

This secluded spot lets you get up close to the Quarry Wetland, perfect for observing wetland birds like the Yellow Bittern and the five species of kingfishers.

Where to Begin Your Adventure

Accessing Rifle Range Nature Park is easy, with six entrances dotted along Rifle Range Road, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Hindhede Drive, Jalan Kampong Chantek, and the Rail Corridor. Regardless of where you start, your journey into this lush paradise promises an unforgettable experience.

Rifle Range Nature Park is a shining example of how a city can harmoniously coexist with nature, and it stands as a testament to Singapore's commitment to preserving its ecological treasures. So, pack your hiking shoes, bring your sense of wonder, and embark on an adventure at Rifle Range Nature Park, where nature's beauty thrives in perfect harmony with sustainability.

Rifle Range Nature Park

Rifle Range Road, 589322

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