Ranking Krispy Kreme Flavours

September 18, 2023


Traditional Cake

In the bottom spot: The traditional cake donut. It's simply too plain and dry, although it might improve when fresh off the press. One editor likened it to pound cake left out too long.


New York Cheesecake

We remain unimpressed by this cream-filled donut.


Glazed With Kreme Filling

Interestingly, the Kreme filling has an unusual taste when paired with a glazed donut.


Chocolate Iced With Kreme Filling

It's crucial to distinguish between the Kreme filling (apparently Krispy Kreme was ahead of the Kardashians) and custard. Only a few appreciated this one, with some likening the interior to insufficiently sweet whipped cream.


Chocolate Chip Cookie

The balance between donut and chocolate was skewed, and the cookies and cream filling proved excessively sugary. Nonetheless, folks happily enjoyed the cookie toppings.


Cinnamon Apple Filled

The filling had an overly gelatinous texture and an unusual aftertaste. It could use a touch more sweetness. In sum, it didn't quite hit the mark as a winning choice.


Glazed Lemon Filled

Yet another unexpected disappointment - the lemon filling feels out of place within a glazed donut. Many hoped for a creamier, curd-like consistency, and the unanimous agreement was that it requires a more pronounced lemon flavor.


Oreo Cookies and Kreme

What's the secret to ruining Oreos? Apparently, making them "sickeningly sweet."


Powdered Cake

The flavor is decent, but I wouldn't choose to order it.


Chocolate Iced Cake

Though the chocolate icing adds more flavor compared to the plain version and elevates it above the powdered sugar-covered donut, it still receives a "so-so" rating.


Apple Fritter

This donut boasts a thick, doughy texture, with a delightful blend of apple and cinnamon flavors. It stands apart from the other donuts.


Strawberry Iced

They were deemed excessively medicinal in flavor and "far sweeter than desired."


Strawberry Iced With Sprinkles

Identical to the previous one, but the addition of sprinkles gives it an instant lift.


Dulce de Leche

The powdered donut boasts a creamy dulce de leche filling, which, while not excessively sweet, received one critique: insufficient filling.


Glazed Cruller

Though simple, this cake donut elevates tradition with Krispy Kreme's renowned glaze. Pro tip: Enhance the experience by dipping it in coffee.


Glazed Sour Cream

It was quite enjoyable.


Glazed Raspberry

Many enjoyed Krispy Kreme's glazed raspberry-filled donut, except for those averse to jelly-filled treats, which is understandable.


Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled

How to elevate the glazed raspberry? Simply add a layer of chocolatey glaze. While the swirl on top may not be necessary, it remains a dependable donut overall.


Cake Batter

This was even sweeter than the Chips Ahoy variant, though I enjoyed it. The filling truly resembles cake batter, and the sprinkles add to its appeal.


Chocolate Iced With Custard Filling

Although the Kreme filling didn't appeal to many in both powdered and glazed donuts, the custard filling was a clear favorite.


Glazed Blueberry Cake

Among the limited cake donut options, the blueberry variation stands out for its tangy moisture and authentic fruit flavor, surpassing jelly-filled alternatives.


Chocolate Iced With Sprinkles

This donut is nearly flawless.


Chocolate Iced Glazed

Really fantastic!


Glazed Chocolate Cake

In second place, we have the glazed chocolate cake. Many individuals hailed it as their undisputed favorite due to the crumbly cake, indulgent chocolate flavor, and the delightful glaze coating—a winning combination.


Original Glazed

Number 1: A fresh-from-the-oven original glazed donut is simply unparalleled.

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