Part 3: A Culinary Journey Through Dempsey Hill's Finest Eateries

January 9, 2024

1. Burnt Ends

For those who love barbecue, Burnt Ends is a must-visit. This Australian-style barbecue restaurant's Sanger Sandwich and Beef Marmalade are delectable. The open-concept kitchen adds to the lively atmosphere.

Burnt Ends

7 Dempsey Rd, #01-02, Singapore 249671

Photo: Djohan Sutanto • The Foodie's Diary • Stephanie Kua • Joo Young Kim • Shawn 

2. Samy's Curry Restaurant

Samy's Curry Restaurant offers a traditional Indian dining experience. Their Fish Head Curry and Masala Chicken are cooked to perfection, offering a burst of authentic Indian flavors.

Samy's Curry Restaurant

25 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249670

Photo: Richard See • Adrian Leong • Sundar M • Chris Price 

3. Candlenut

Candlenut takes Peranakan cuisine to a new level. As the world's first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, their Buah Keluak Fried Rice and Durian desserts are exceptional.


17a Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249676

Photo: Candlenut • AL • Jia Jin Low • Chris Tan • R C

4. The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

This elegant restaurant, with its signature Jean-Georges Vongerichten cuisine, offers a fine dining experience. The Black Truffle Pizza and Salted Caramel Sundae are standouts.

The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

17D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249676

Photo: Kok Kheng Yeow • Lily Sit • John Teo • Rachael • Sierra

5. CANCHITA Peruvian Cuisine

Experience the flavors of Peru at CANCHITA. Their Ceviche and Lomo Saltado are full of authentic Peruvian zest. The vibrant and lively atmosphere makes it a fun dining destination.

CANCHITA Peruvian Cuisine

Dempsey Rd, #9A 9B, Singapore 247698

Photo: Cheng-Choon Si • Bhimrao Ambedkar • Josephine Goh • Agnes S • Ying

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