Part 1: A Culinary Journey Through Dempsey Hill's Finest Eateries

January 5, 2024

1. Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant & Bar

This chic Italian restaurant offers a contemporary twist on classic Italian cuisine. Their handcrafted pasta dishes, especially the Truffle Tagliatelle, are a delight. The ambience, combining rustic charm with modern elegance, makes it perfect for both romantic dinners and family gatherings.

Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant & Bar

#01-13 Dempsey Rd, Blk 8, Singapore 247696

Photo: Anand Suresh • BOON HOU TEOW • Chyan Phang • Elaine

2. The Dempsey Project

A casual yet trendy spot, The Dempsey Project is known for its diverse menu that includes everything from hearty brunches to delightful dinners. Their fresh sandwiches and artisanal coffee are perfect for a laid-back afternoon. Don't miss their array of desserts!

The Dempsey Project

Block 9 Dempsey Rd, #01-12, Singapore 247697

Photo: The Dempsey Project • kyarazy • YIRU SUN • Leona Lim • Sophie

3. Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey

Chopsuey Cafe offers a unique take on Chinese-American cuisine. Their Peking Duck Salad and Honey Glazed Char Siew are must-tries. The cafe's vintage decor, inspired by 1950s American diners, adds to the overall experience.

Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey

10 Dempsey Rd, #01-23, Singapore 247700

Photo: Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey • Saud Sultan • Angel Tan • JW Y

4. Culina at COMO Dempsey

Culina stands out for its exceptional gourmet marketplace and bistro. Their focus on high-quality, fresh ingredients shines through in dishes like the Grilled Octopus and the Australian Wagyu Beef. The sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere here is a bonus.

Culina at COMO Dempsey

15 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249675

Photo: Pohboon Yeo • Moon • Ben Lin • Patricia Lim

5. Margarita's Dempsey Hill

For authentic Mexican cuisine, Margarita's is the go-to place. Their Enchiladas and Tacos, accompanied by their signature margaritas, are a fiesta of flavors. The vibrant and colorful decor adds to the festive feel.

Margarita's Dempsey Hill

11 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249673

Photo: Wanderful Bros • Leow Ee Wen • sonq Q • Faye Cheang

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