Orange & Teal at Marina Square: A Fresh Spin on Casual Dining

May 7, 2024

A Vibrant Addition to Marina Square

Photo: Rei Rei

Orange & Teal, established by the notable Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his wife, has made its mark in Marina Square following its initial success at Rochester Mall. This location is geared towards providing quick and affordable dining options in the bustling city area, catering especially to the office crowd with a diverse menu that ranges from innovative panitas to classic burgers and pizzas.

Photo: Orange & Teal - Marina Square

The Panita Experience

One of the unique offerings at Orange & Teal is their invention, the panita—a fusion of panini and pita. Options include the savory Roast Pork Belly and the Smoked Salmon Panita, praised for its balanced flavors of creamy avocado and smoky salmon. This dish represents the cafe's dedication to creating distinctive and flavorful quick bites that cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of their patrons.

Photo: HY
Photo: JJ Low

Expanding Culinary Horizons

Not just sticking to quick bites, Orange & Teal also boasts a versatile menu at their Marina Square outlet. The menu includes a range of gourmet burgers like the Wagyu and Salted-Egg Chicken Burgers, various pizza options with in-house made sauces, and an array of pastas and salads, ensuring that there's something to satisfy everyone. The Wagyu burger, in particular, is a crowd-pleaser with its generous beef patty and rich toppings.

Photo: Yee Chen Lim
Photo: Martin Chan

More Than Just Food

The ethos of Orange & Teal extends beyond just dining; it's about creating a space for conversations and fostering the arts. The environment is designed to be welcoming and engaging, making it a perfect spot for family meals, casual business meetings, or even a relaxed hangout spot to enjoy some light jazz, a personal touch from the owner's own musical preferences.

Photo: Nickuz Ong

A Budget-Friendly Buffet

Adding to its allure, Orange & Teal offers an incredibly value-for-money dinner buffet at just $26.80. This buffet includes a wide selection of Western comfort foods like grilled meats and fried fish, alongside a smattering of Asian dishes. Desserts and free-flow drinks make it a compelling choice for diners looking for variety at a great price.

Photo: Xin Hao


Orange & Teal stands out not only for its culinary offerings but also for its commitment to enhancing the dining experience with cultural enrichment. Whether it's grabbing a quick and inventive lunch or indulging in a leisurely dinner buffet, Orange & Teal at Marina Square provides a refreshing take on casual dining in the heart of Singapore.

Orange & Teal - Marina Square
6 Raffles Blvd, #02-230A/231A/232, Singapore 039594
Opening Hour:
Tuesday, 11 am–9 pm
Wednesday, 11 am–9 pm
Thursday, 11 am–9 pm
Friday, 11 am–9 pm
Saturday, 11 am–9 pm
Sunday, 11 am–9 pm
Monday, 11 am–9 pm

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