Mental Health in Singapore: A Growing Concern

November 6, 2023

In a recent Ipsos survey, mental health has emerged as the top healthcare concern for Singaporeans. Almost half of the population (46%) now views mental health as the country's most pressing issue, surpassing cancer (38%) and stress (35%).

The survey also highlighted a significant shift in attitudes towards mental health. A vast majority (78%) of Singaporeans believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. However, only 54% think that Singapore's healthcare system treats both equally.

The study delves into the impact of mental health issues on Singaporeans' lives. More than half (55%) reported experiencing stress that significantly affected their daily routines, while 23% felt overwhelmed and unable to cope at times. Alarmingly, 39% had to take time off work due to stress, and 15% faced this situation on multiple occasions.

The survey also revealed a concerning prevalence of depression, with 49% feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for weeks at a time, and 27% seriously considering self-harm or suicide at least once in the past year.

Melanie Ng, Director, Public Affairs at Ipsos in Singapore, emphasized the urgent need for increased focus on mental health within the country's healthcare system. Despite growing awareness and community support, stress-related issues persist, calling for a concerted effort from employers, government bodies, and communities to prioritize preventative mental health care.

The survey highlights the importance of addressing mental health as a critical public health issue in Singapore and fostering an environment where individuals can access necessary support and resources. #MentalHealth #SingaporeMentalHealth #IpsosSurvey


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