Level Up Your Gaming: The 8 Best Gaming Computers of 2023

December 5, 2023

Lenovo Legion Tower 7i Gen 8

Chosen as the top pick by Digital Trends, this PC is noted for its latest CPU and GPU options from Intel and Nvidia, reasonable pricing, and excellent thermal management. 

Origin Neuron

This gaming PC is also among the top-rated for 2023. 

Alienware Aurora R16

Included in the list of best gaming PCs for this year. 

Acer Predator Orion 7000

Another top choice for gaming enthusiasts. 

Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast

This model has been recognized as one of the best in 2023. 

Falcon Northwest Tiki

A top-rated gaming PC for this year. 

Dell XPS Desktop (8960)

This Dell model is also among the best for 2023. 

NZXT Streaming Plus BLD Kit

Rounding out the list of top gaming PCs. 

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