iPhone 15 Leaks before the new launch

August 31, 2023

Ahead of Apple's anticipated September 12 launch, a wealth of fresh details about the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models has been unveiled by insiders leaking information. Collaborating with several Chinese leakers, industry expert Majin Bu has released a comprehensive breakdown of the new design, display, camera capabilities, color options, and even packaging choices within the upcoming lineup. Let's delve into these revelations.

Photo credit: @Hanstsaiz

- Frame features brushed finish, not prominently noticeable; material likely titanium alloy (90% chance), aiming to make iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max lighter than predecessors.

Photo credit: @Hanstsaiz

- Initial touch-sensitive buttons during early stages; solid-state button vibration feedback ineffective, leading to adoption of physical buttons due to production challenges.

Photo credit: @Hanstsaiz

- iPhone 15 series includes two motherboard designs: one with SIM card slot and one without. SIM card slot variant features smaller motherboard, distinguishing it from 14 Pro.

Photo credit: @Hanstsaiz

- Uncertain motherboard version chosen by Apple; signs point to presence of SIM card slot, given lack of leaks about SIM-free design.

Photo credit: @Hanstsaiz

- Slight increase in physical dimensions of iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max screens: 6.14/6.15 and 6.73/6.74 inches, respectively, compared to iPhone 14 Pro's 6.12-inch and iPhone 14 Pro Max's 6.69-inch displays.

- Exclusive periscopic telephoto lens in iPhone 15 Pro Max offers significantly sharper images than iPhone 15 Pro; entire camera module slightly lighter.

Photo credit: @Hanstsaiz

- Silver gray variant features gray back panel and edges, resembling silver; new black version lighter than iPhone 14 Pro's Space Black; dark blue flagship color deeper than previous blue hues.

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