Kit Kat are so popular in Japan?

July 10, 2020

Kit Kat has gained immense popularity in Japan, captivating both locals and tourists alike. Several factors contribute to its widespread appeal. Firstly, the name "Kit Kat" sounds similar to the Japanese phrase "kitto katsu," which means "surely win." This linguistic coincidence has made Kit Kat a popular gift during exams and important events, symbolizing good luck and success. Moreover, Kit Kat offers an extensive range of unique and seasonal flavors exclusive to Japan, such as matcha, sakura, and wasabi, appealing to the Japanese love for novelty and variety. The country's culture of gift-giving also plays a significant role in Kit Kat's popularity, as the individually wrapped bars make for convenient and affordable presents. Finally, Nestlé, the manufacturer of Kit Kat, has actively embraced marketing strategies tailored to Japanese preferences, collaborating with local brands and creating limited-edition packaging, further enhancing its appeal. This perfect blend of cultural significance, innovative flavors, and strategic marketing has propelled Kit Kat to become a beloved and sought-after treat in Japan.

Kit Kat Tokyo Banana

Available at Jewel Changi Airport #01-223 224 /225
78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

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