8 Tips for choosing dragonfruit

August 30, 2023

Choosing a ripe and delicious dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) involves considering its appearance, texture, and scent. Here's how you can pick a ripe dragon fruit.

1. Color

Dragon fruits come in a few different varieties, but generally, a ripe dragon fruit will have bright and vibrant skin color. The color could be pink, red, yellow, or even white, depending on the variety. Avoid dragon fruits with dull or faded colours, as they might not be as ripe or flavourful.

2. Skin Texture

The skin of a ripe dragon fruit should be smooth and free from major blemishes, bruises, or spots. Some minor scarring or spotting is normal, but excessive damage could indicate an overripe or poor-quality fruit.

3. Firmness

Gently press the dragon fruit with your fingers. It should give slightly, but it shouldn't be too soft or mushy. If it's too firm, it might not be ripe yet. If it's too soft, it could be overripe.

4. Scales

A dragon fruit's skin is covered in scales or spikes. These scales should be evenly distributed and not overly dried out. If the scales are dried and brittle, it could be a sign that the fruit is past its prime.

5. Weight

A ripe dragon fruit should feel heavy for its size. This indicates that it's filled with juicy flesh. However, excessive weight doesn't necessarily mean it's ripe; it could also be due to water content.

6. Scent

Give the fruit a gentle sniff at the base where the stem was attached. A ripe dragon fruit should have a pleasant, subtle, sweet aroma. If it doesn't have any scent, it might not be fully ripe.

7. Stem Remnants

If the dragon fruit still has a stem attached, make sure it's not too dry or shriveled. An overly dry stem might indicate that the fruit has been sitting for a while.

8. Size

Dragon fruits can come in various sizes, but larger ones tend to have more flesh. Choose a size that suits your preference.

Remember that dragon fruits, like many fruits, continue to ripen after being harvested. So, if you find a dragon fruit that's slightly underripe but meets most of the other criteria, you can let it sit at room temperature for a day or two until it fully ripens.

Keep in mind that personal preference also plays a role – some people prefer slightly firmer dragon fruits, while others prefer them very ripe and soft. Experiment and enjoy the unique taste and texture of this exotic fruit!

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