First-Ever Songkran Kids Festival 2024: A Splash of Fun with Dance Parties, DJ Tryouts, and More!

April 15, 2024

Dive into a world of exhilaration this April with the inaugural Songkran Kids Festival 2024 at Wild Wild Wet, Singapore. Running the entire month from April 1st to 30th, the festival promises a new take on the traditional Thai Songkran festivities, especially designed for children and families. More than just water fights, the event features dance parties, DJ tryouts, and interactive games, blending cultural celebration with family-friendly fun.


Hosted at Wild Wild Wet, one of Singapore’s premier water parks known for its exciting rides and welcoming atmosphere, the venue is perfectly suited to host this vibrant celebration. The festival vibe is enhanced by the park’s extensive selection of aquatic attractions, ensuring non-stop entertainment for visitors of all ages.


To fully immerse in the festival's offerings, consider the Splash Pass for exclusive access to all activities. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to create lasting memories together while enjoying the festival to its fullest.

Beyond the thrills, Wild Wild Wet provides a range of amenities, from tasty dining options to convenient retail outlets, allowing you to comfortably enjoy a full day of excitement. The Songkran Kids Festival is more than an event—it’s an adventure at one of Asia’s top-rated water parks, promising a blend of chill vibes and thrilling rides in a festive, family-oriented setting.

Visit the Wild Wild Wet official website for more information and to secure your tickets. Embrace the warm season with an event that offers everything from serene relaxation to heart-racing adventures, all in a secure and dynamic environment perfect for both kids and adults.


$29 (ADULT) • $21 (CHILD)


Buy Your Ticket

Wild Wild Wet
1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599
Open Hour:
Friday, 12–6 pm
Saturday, 11 am–6 pm
Sunday, 11 am–6 pm
Monday, 12–6 pm
Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday, 12–6 pm
Thursday, 12–6 pm

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