Exploring the Future: 5 Exciting Highlights of Singapore's New Science Centre

November 2, 2023

The highly anticipated new Science Centre in the heart of Singapore's Jurong Lake District is set to open its doors in 2027, marking its 50th anniversary. With construction scheduled to commence in early 2024, this cutting-edge 55,000 square meter facility is a collaboration between Zaha Hadid Architects and local firm Architects 61. As the Science Centre prepares for this exciting new chapter, we're here to unveil the top five highlights visitors can look forward to.

Larger Children's Gallery - KidsSTOP Expanded

Photo: https://www.science.edu.sg

One of the most exciting developments is the expansion of KidsSTOP. This engaging space, now more than twice its previous size, will boast interactive exhibits designed to ignite young minds. From an outdoor waterplay area to a sensory trail on the roof garden, KidsSTOP will offer endless exploration opportunities for children. Additionally, older pupils can delve into scientific concepts in specialized labs and workshops, fostering hands-on learning. Collaborations with educational partners will also provide programs for parents to encourage their children's curiosity and educational activities.

Fire Tornado Show

Photo: https://www.science.edu.sg

The Science Centre's renowned fire tornado show will be reimagined and prominently featured at the Outdoor Amphitheatre, open to the public. Imagine standing face to face with a mesmerizing fire tornado within a specially designed chamber, an experience that's sure to ignite your curiosity.

Breathtaking Views

Photo: Hoo Chiong Kee

The new Science Centre will offer captivating views of Jurong Lake and its surrounding gardens through large windows and rooftop gardens. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty as they stroll along the 30-meter-wide outdoor activity plaza, linking Chinese Garden MRT station to the Jurong Lake promenade. The rooftop garden will serve as an event space available for public bookings, and for stargazing enthusiasts, the Observatory offers a telescope to explore the night sky. Additionally, interactive science exhibits along nature trails will provide a unique learning experience in collaboration with organizations like the National Parks Board and nature groups.

Focus on Real-World Issues

Beyond traditional science exhibits, the new Science Centre will cater to the interests of youth and adults alike by encouraging dialogues on real-world issues. Sustainability, climate change, and emerging technologies, including generative artificial intelligence, will be at the forefront of workshops and events. Visitors can expect exhibitions that showcase themes like food security and sustainability-focused research and innovations from local institutions.

A Test Bed for New Experiences

The Science Centre will serve as a hub for experimentation and entrepreneurship. Visitors can access specialized labs, such as the Eco-Lab, offering a garden environment for student experiments, and indoor maker spaces where they can experiment with the latest tools and technology. The centre will also be a hotbed for trying out fresh concepts and ideas, going beyond science alone. For instance, it successfully experimented with the Comic Art and Sci Fi Expo, opening its doors to fans of comics, animation, and cosplay to explore the art and technology behind their passions.

As the new Science Centre prepares to open its doors, it promises to be an epicenter of exploration, innovation, and education. With its larger, interactive spaces, focus on real-world issues, and an emphasis on experimentation and entrepreneurship, it's shaping up to be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for all. Stay tuned for this thrilling chapter in Singapore's scientific journey!

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