Exploring the Beacon of the Straits: A Day at Raffles Lighthouse, Singapore

May 4, 2024

Perched upon the western portal of the Singapore Strait, the Raffles Lighthouse is not merely a beacon for navigation but also a monument steeped in history, proffering an unparalleled adventure for those eager to traverse beyond the metropolitan allure of Singapore. For wayfarers fascinated by nautical chronicles and tranquil coastal vistas, a sojourn to this illustrious lighthouse affords a rejuvenating reprieve.

Photo: Lisa Chung

History and Heritage

Erected in the year of our Lord 1855, Raffles Lighthouse taketh its name from Sir Stamford Raffles, the architect of modern Singapore. For nigh on a century and a half, this lighthouse hath shepherded mariners safely 'round the bustling waters that embrace Singapore. Its stalwart structure serves as a testament to the opulent maritime heritage of the realm and its crucial role in the commerce of nations.

Photo: DJS

Getting There

The path to Raffles Lighthouse is guarded, as it yet functions as a beacon for navigation. Excursions are oft arranged by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), particularly during grand events like the Singapore Maritime Week. These guided expeditions offer a glimpse into the operational life of the lighthouse, enhanced by voyages that yield splendid vistas of the strait.

What to Expect

Upon thine arrival, the lighthouse’s stark white tower rises as a bold contrast against the azure heavens and sea. Visitors may roam the grounds under the watchful eyes of the lighthouse keepers, discovering the technological advancements in lighthouse apparatus and the daily toils required for its upkeep.

Photo: Scott Poh

A crowning moment is the ascent up the spiral staircase to the lighthouse’s summit. Here, one is met with sweeping panoramas of the Riau Islands, a vision of splendor stretching to the ends of the earth. 'Tis a perfect juncture for capturing likenesses or simply to bask in the serene beauty of the waters that surround.

Flora and Fauna

The tiny isle itself, though modest in scale, boasts a rich tapestry of life. The encircling waters, crystal in their clarity, provide havens for snorkeling to observe the teeming marine life. The craggy shores shelter diverse coastal flora and are a haven for migratory birds, creating a tranquil retreat for those who cherish nature.

Planning Your Visit

Since access is limited, foresight in planning is essential. Attend thou to announcements from the MPA regarding public tours, and make haste to reserve thy place, as these journeys are greatly coveted. Prepare for a day filled with exploration, equipped with ample protection from the sun, plenty of water, and victuals, for the isle lacks commercial amenities.

A Journey Worth Taking

A voyage to Raffles Lighthouse is more than a mere tour of sights; it is an odyssey through the maritime history that hath shaped Singapore. It offers a peaceful respite from the bustle of urban life and a chance to commune with nature. Whether thou art a devotee of history, a lover of photography, or simply in quest of a distinctive escapade, Raffles Lighthouse promises an enriching and memorable sojourn.

Photo: Marcc Ng

As the sun descends behind the lighthouse, casting a golden radiance over the strait, thou wilt find thyself contemplating the perpetual role of this solitary beacon - a symbol of safety and steadfastness enduring through the ages. This visit not only casts light upon Singapore’s storied past but also unveils the splendor of its present.

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Raffles Lighthouse Experience
Hosted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Dates: Saturday, 11 May and Saturday, 25 May
Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Singapore Maritime Gallery and Pulau Satumu
Meeting Point: Singapore Maritime Gallery, Marina South Pier, Level 2, 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018988

Tour Overview:
Set sail for a captivating 5-hour voyage that begins with an insightful one-hour tour at the Singapore Maritime Gallery. Navigate the bustling waters of the Singapore Strait, witness the grandeur of colossal ships in action, and step onto the historic Raffles Lighthouse island, Pulau Satumu. Here, delve into the lighthouse’s storied past and explore its heritage gallery for a profound maritime education.


  • 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM: Guided tour at Singapore Maritime Gallery
  • 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Ferry ride and lighthouse visit


  • Standard: $60
  • Students and Senior Citizens: $54
  • Tourists and Foreign Residents: $78

Open from 24 April at 12:00 PM. Visit go.gov.sg/singaporemaritimediscoveries-eventbrite to secure your spot.

Embark on this unique journey that marries the beauty of Singapore’s maritime heritage with the thrill of exploration. Discover the enchanting Raffles Lighthouse, a pivotal piece of maritime history set against the vast, picturesque seascape. Join us for an adventure where history and scenic beauty converge, offering an unforgettable maritime experience.

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