Embark on a delicious journey of Best Thai Food In Singapore

March 19, 2024

A Culinary Journey to Diandin Leluk: Where Authentic Thai Flavors Meet Heartwarming Hospitality

Savor the Essence of Thailand at Diandin Leluk

Embark on a delicious journey to Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, a gem nestled in Singapore's vibrant culinary scene. With its roots stretching back to the early 80s, this family-run establishment has been bringing the authentic flavors of Thailand to food lovers, combining traditional recipes with heartfelt service​​.

Cuisine That Dances with Flavor

At Diandin Leluk, every dish is a celebration of Thai culinary excellence. Whether it's the spicy kick of Green Curry Chicken, the unique blend of textures in Mixed Chendol, or the bold flavors of Stir Fried Basil, there's something to satisfy every palate. Priced around $15 per person, it's a place where the essence of Thai cuisine is served with love and care, ensuring a delightful dining experience for everyone​​​​.

Not Just a Meal, But an Experience

Located at 371 Beach Road, City Gate, Diandin Leluk isn't just about food. It's about the experience. The restaurant's inviting ambiance, complemented by live music and a friendly atmosphere, makes it the perfect spot for gatherings, celebrations, or a cozy meal. And with opening hours from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm every day, it welcomes guests to indulge in their culinary delights at almost any time​​.

A Story of Love and Labor

The story behind Diandin Leluk is as rich and flavorful as its cuisine. It began with a Singaporean and his Thai wife, who shared a passion for cooking and a dream to bring Thai flavors to Singapore. Starting with a rented lorry to serve packed lunches to Thai workers, their journey was fueled by love—a love for food and a desire to make authentic Thai cuisine accessible to all​​.

Feast on Favorites

From the lemongrass-infused zest of their beverages to the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy in their dishes, every recipe at Diandin Leluk speaks volumes of Thai culinary traditions. The restaurant offers a variety of set meals, homemade dishes, and a selection of deep-fried delights, ensuring a feast for the senses​​.


Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant stands as a testament to the universal language of food, bringing people together through the shared experience of dining. With its rich history, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality, it invites you on a culinary journey that promises to leave your heart full and your taste buds tantalized. For lovers of Thai cuisine, or those looking to explore it, Diandin Leluk is a destination that's not to be missed.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Pte Ltd
317 Beach Rd, #01-17/18 City Gate, Singapore 199597
Opening Hour: Daily, 11 am–10 pm
Photos: Sagamihara • Jevin Lim • WT Wong • Case Woo • Hartono Harjono

Discovering the Authentic Taste of Thailand at Ah Loy Thai

Ah Loy Thai: A Symphony of Flavors at an Unbeatable Price

Ah Loy Thai stands as a testament to authentic Thai cuisine in the heart of Singapore. With prices hovering around $10 per person, it's a place where the authenticity of Thai flavors meets affordability, making it a haven for those who crave genuine Thai dishes without burning a hole in their pocket​​.

Where Tradition Meets Taste

Located conveniently at 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, Ah Loy Thai offers a bustling atmosphere perfect for group gatherings or a casual dinner. The restaurant's highlights include the Seafood Tom Yum Goong, Thai Garlic Pork, Omelette, and Pandan Chicken—each dish promising a burst of traditional Thai flavors that resonate with the essence of Thailand​​.

Signature Dishes That Steal the Show

One cannot talk about Ah Loy Thai without mentioning its Butter Calamari. Priced at $8.50, this dish is a crowd-pleaser with its well-fried calamari drizzled in homemade butter and chili sauce, offering a crunch that's hard to resist. Another must-try is the Pad Thai, which stands out for its dry sweetness and generous toppings, making it a dish many return for​​.

Beyond the Dishes: An Experience

Ah Loy Thai's ambiance and setting contribute to its charm, making it a place not just for dining but for experiencing Thai culture through its culinary delights. From the fiery goodness of Tom Yam Seafood Soup to the refreshing Thai Iced Tea, every item on the menu is designed to offer a slice of Thailand to its patrons​​.

Convenient Dining Hours

Ah Loy Thai is ready to welcome guests from Wednesday to Monday, with varied operating hours that cater to both lunch and dinner crowds. They're open from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and again from 4:15 pm to 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm, depending on the day, ensuring that you can satisfy your Thai cravings almost any day of the week​​.

Final Thoughts

For those in search of authentic Thai cuisine at a reasonable price, Ah Loy Thai is a gem waiting to be discovered. With its array of traditional dishes, each visit promises a new flavor to explore and a culinary experience that brings you closer to the streets of Thailand. Whether you're planning a group gathering or a casual dinner, Ah Loy Thai's welcoming atmosphere and delectable menu are sure to make your dining experience memorable.

Ah Loy Thai
9 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-04 Bugis, Singapore 188098
Opening Hour: Daily, Monday to Friday, 11:30 am–3 pm, 5–8:45 pm
Saturday, Sunday, 11:30 am–2:30 pm, 4:15–9:15 pm
Photos: Ah Loy Thai • KH Thong • Isobel Tan • LOUIS HENG

Tha Siam Thai Kitchen @ Parklane: A Hidden Gem for Authentic Thai Cuisine

A Culinary Oasis in Singapore

Nestled in the bustling heart of Singapore, Tha Siam Thai Kitchen @ Parklane stands as a beacon for those seeking authentic Thai flavors. With its cozy ambiance, this dining spot offers a haven for food enthusiasts keen on exploring the rich tapestry of Thai cuisine.

Diverse Menu for an Authentic Experience

Tha Siam offers an array of dishes that promise to cater to a variety of palates, ensuring that every diner finds something to delight in. From the traditional lunch offerings to sumptuous dinners, the kitchen serves up meals that resonate with the essence of Thailand. The restaurant is open from early in the morning until late at night, making it a versatile option for any meal​​.

Ratings and Reviews: A Testament to Quality

Holding a rating of 70 out of 100 based on 60 user ratings and reviews, Tha Siam Thai Kitchen has established itself as a notable presence in Singapore's Thai dining scene. This score reflects the consistent quality and authentic taste that the restaurant delivers​​.

Strategic Location and Contact Information

Tha Siam Thai Kitchen is conveniently located at 35 Selegie Road, #02-06 Parklane Shopping Mall, making it accessible for both locals and tourists exploring Singapore. The central location near significant landmarks such as Little India adds to its appeal, offering a cultural immersion that extends beyond the palate​​.

In Summary

Tha Siam Thai Kitchen @ Parklane presents a compelling option for those craving genuine Thai dishes in Singapore. Its extensive menu, coupled with a warm and inviting atmosphere, makes it an ideal spot for diners looking to enjoy the flavors of Thailand. Whether you're planning a casual brunch or a late-night feast, Tha Siam is ready to serve you an authentic Thai experience.

Tha Siam Thai Kitchen @ Parklane
35 Selegie Rd, #02-06 Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Opening Hour: 10 am–6 am, Closed on Sunday
Photos: Dru Lu • Kalson Chua • Ten jiashun • Kalson Chua • Dexter Ho

Sanook Kitchen: A Delightful Thai Culinary Adventure in Singapore

A Culinary Journey Worth Exploring

Sanook Kitchen has etched its name in the hearts of Singaporeans and visitors alike, as a go-to destination for authentic Thai cuisine. The word 'Sanook', meaning 'fun' in Thai, perfectly encapsulates the dining experience this beloved chain aims to provide. With its vast array of Thai delicacies, from the fiery Tom Yum Soup to the rich and creamy Thai Green Curry, Sanook Kitchen promises a culinary journey that is both delightful and memorable​​.

Why Sanook Kitchen Stands Out

What sets Sanook Kitchen apart is not just its comprehensive menu that caters to all tastes but also its commitment to creating a vibrant and welcoming dining atmosphere. Each outlet exudes a lively ambiance, ensuring diners enjoy their meals in a setting that's both comforting and exciting. Add to that the exemplary customer service and competitive pricing, and you have a recipe for success that keeps guests coming back​​.

Diverse Outlets for Every Locale

Spanning across Singapore, Sanook Kitchen's outlets are conveniently located in places like Tampines 1, VivoCity, and West Mall, among others. This strategic presence across the city-state ensures that no matter where you are, a Sanook Kitchen outlet is never too far away. Operating hours are typically from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, offering flexibility for both lunch and dinner plans​​.

Customer Experiences & Favorites

Patrons of Sanook Kitchen rave about the quality and authenticity of its dishes. Favorites include the tangy and spicy Tom Yum Soup, the perfectly balanced Pad Thai, and the indulgent Mango Sticky Rice, each dish showcasing the nuanced flavors of Thai cuisine. The positive testimonials highlight not just the food but the overall dining experience at Sanook Kitchen, with particular praise for the attentive and friendly service​​​​.

Sanook Kitchen: More Than Just a Meal

Dining at Sanook Kitchen is an experience that goes beyond just enjoying good food. It's about embracing the vibrant Thai culture, indulging in a feast of flavors, and making memories with friends and family. With its diverse menu, lively ambiance, and stellar customer service, Sanook Kitchen invites you to partake in a dining adventure that's truly 'Sanook'.

So, the next time you're craving for some authentic Thai cuisine or looking for a dining spot that's both fun and fulfilling, Sanook Kitchen awaits to serve you some of the best Thai dishes in Singapore.

Sanook Kitchen
3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-134, Singapore 038983
107 North Bridge Rd, B2-26 Funan, Singapore 179105
1 Stadium Pl, #01-16/K8, Singapore 397628
2 Orchard Turn, B3-19 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
10 Sinaran Dr, #02-65/66/67 Square 2, Singapore 307506
20 Ah Hood Rd, #01-17 Zhongshan Mall, Singapore 329984
10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter, #03-28/29 PLQ Mall, 409057
80 Marine Parade Road #01-17 Parkway Parade, 449269
1 HarbourFront Walk, B2-23C VivoCity, Singapore 098585
16 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277677
70 Compassvale Bow, #01-15/16 Sengkang Grand Mall, Singapore 544692
10 Tampines Central 1, #03-25, Singapore 529536
83 Punggol Central, #B1-13 Waterway Point West Wing, Singapore 828761
3 Simei Street 6, #01-15 Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833
17 Petir Rd, #01-17/18, Singapore 678278
930 Yishun Ave 2, B1-01 Northpoint City North Wing, Singapore 769098
1 Bt Batok Central, #03-03 West Mall, Singapore 658713
63 Jurong West Central 3 JP2 #B1-65/66/67 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 648331
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-06/07 Lot One Shoppers' Mall, Singapore 689812
6 Woodlands Square, #B2-08 Woods Square, Singapore 737737
Singapore Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., #03-223 224 Jewel, 819666
Opening Hour: Daily, 11 am–10 pm
Photos: Cat N • Lav Prakash • Lin S. • Sue Gan •

Nakhon Kitchen Holland Village: A Gem of Authentic Thai Cuisine in Singapore

Nakhon Kitchen at Holland Village has become a hallmark of authentic Thai cuisine, celebrated by food enthusiasts for bringing the essence of Thailand's street food to Singapore. With an average price of around $15 per person, it offers a delightful array of Thai dishes that promise to tantalize your taste buds without denting your wallet​​

Culinary Delights to Savor

Among the must-try dishes, the Tom Yum Soup/Noodles, Green Curry, and Pandan Leaf Chicken stand out as fan favorites. These dishes not only offer a taste of Thailand's culinary diversity but also showcase Nakhon Kitchen's commitment to authenticity and flavor​​. The restaurant's menu is a testament to the rich heritage of Thai cuisine, inviting diners on a gastronomic journey that's both affordable and profoundly satisfying.

Ambiance and Service

Nakhon Kitchen's outlet in Holland Village, located at 27A Lorong Liput, complements its delicious offerings with a cozy and inviting ambiance. It's a no-frills establishment that focuses on delivering quality food and friendly service, making it a perfect spot for casual dining experiences. The restaurant is open daily from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm, ready to welcome patrons looking for a Thai culinary adventure​​.

What Diners Say

Feedback from diners highlights the authenticity and quality of the food at Nakhon Kitchen, with particular praise for its signature dishes. While some have noted the exceptional value for money, others have emphasized the generous portions and the vibrant flavors that make each meal memorable. However, it's worth noting that experiences may vary, and it's always best to visit with an open mind and an appetite for discovery​​​​.

Final Thoughts

Nakhon Kitchen in Holland Village stands as a beacon for those craving authentic Thai food in Singapore. Its combination of delightful dishes, cozy atmosphere, and friendly service makes it a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you're in the mood for the spicy kick of Tom Yum or the sweet embrace of Pandan Leaf Chicken, Nakhon Kitchen promises an authentic Thai dining experience that's hard to forget.

Nakhon Kitchen - Holland Village
27A Lor Liput, Singapore 277738
Opening Hour: Daily, 11 am–2:45 pm, 4:30–10 pm
Photos: Rishib Satija • Nakhon Kitchen - Holland Village • David Haslam • Yves R

87 Just Thai Holland Village: A Hidden Culinary Gem

Nestled in the vibrant enclave of Holland Village, 87 Just Thai emerges as a culinary gem that has captured the hearts of Thai food aficionados. Celebrated for its affordability and authentic Thai flavors, this eatery has made a significant mark with its array of delectable dishes, warm ambiance, and prompt service. Offering a diverse menu that promises to cater to a wide range of taste preferences, 87 Just Thai stands as a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Thailand​​​​.

A Feast for the Senses

87 Just Thai prides itself on a menu that features both classic favorites and unique creations. Among its standout dishes, the Deep-Fried Century Egg with Hot Basil Pork and the Thai-Style Braised Pork Knuckle are particularly noteworthy. These dishes, alongside the Sea Bass with Thai Spicy Lime Sauce and Stir-Fried Long Beans with Salted Egg and Chicken, encapsulate the vibrant and bold flavors characteristic of Thai cuisine. For those looking to explore something slightly different, the Stir-Fried Squid with Yellow Curry Powder and the ever-popular Green Curry come highly recommended​​.

Value and Ambiance

What sets 87 Just Thai apart is not just its food but the overall dining experience it offers. With its no-fuss decor reminiscent of a Thai zi char place, the restaurant provides a fuss-free dining atmosphere that's welcoming to all. Coupled with its fast service and the friendliness of its staff, it ensures a pleasant meal experience that doesn't break the bank, with patrons spending about SGD ~22 per person on average​​.

Diner Favorites

Regulars and new visitors alike rave about several dishes. The Deep Fried Century Egg with Hot Basil Pork scores high marks for its creative use of century eggs, providing a delightful texture contrast, while the Deep-fried Pork with Garlic impresses with its perfect balance of crispiness and flavor. The Onion Omelette and Stir Fried Kang Kong Thai Style are also popular, offering a taste of Thai home cooking​​.

However, it's not just the savory dishes that draw people in. The Thai Iced Green Tea, known for its thick, milky sweetness, serves as a refreshing counterpart to the spicy and aromatic meal, rounding off the dining experience on a sweet note​​.

A Must-Visit Spot

87 Just Thai in Holland Village is a must-visit spot for anyone craving authentic Thai cuisine at wallet-friendly prices. Its successful blend of delicious food, a comfortable atmosphere, and attentive service makes it a standout establishment in Singapore's diverse culinary landscape. Whether you're a long-time lover of Thai food or someone looking to explore the cuisine, 87 Just Thai offers a delightful dining experience that promises to transport you straight to the heart of Thailand.

87 Just Thai Holland Village
34B Lor Mambong, Singapore 277691
Opening Hour: Daily, 12–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Photos: 87 Just Thai Holland Village • rexy Tan •

Un-Yang-Kor-Dai Singapore: A Culinary Gem of Isaan and Central Thai Cuisine

Un-Yang-Kor-Dai Singapore offers an intriguing dive into Isaan and Central Thai cuisine, nestled in the vibrant setting of South Bridge Road. Known for its roots in the heart of Thailand, specifically in Khao Yai, the restaurant brings a slice of Isaan's agricultural heritage to the bustling streets of Singapore. Its name, translating to "anything goes," reflects a laid-back approach to dining, where a variety of dishes, from the heartland of Isaan to the more familiar Central Thai favorites, coalesce to form a unique menu​​.

The restaurant has earned recognition for its quality and value, evidenced by its listing in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore. This accolade is a testament to Un-Yang-Kor-Dai's commitment to offering authentic Thai flavors that resonate with both locals and visitors alike​​.

Culinary Highlights

  • Larb Sticks: A novel take on the traditional Isaan dish of minced pork and greens, served in fried stick form for a delightful crunch, accompanied by a spicy Thai chili sauce​​.
  • Spicy Pomelo Thai Salad with Fresh Prawns: A classic salad served in an old-school tiffin carrier, highlighting the peanut dressing's flavor when requested with milder spice levels​​.
  • Leng Zaab: A dish of prime pork ribs cooked until tender, presented in a dramatic fashion with soup poured over the ribs and briefly torched, offering a spicy and sour broth experience​​.
  • Grilled Chicken: The restaurant's signature dish, featuring tender and juicy chicken marinated with herbs and accompanied by a homemade sauce that adds a unique sweet and spicy flavor​​.
  • Desserts: Not to be missed are the Thai Milk Tea Pudding, combining the beloved flavors of Thai iced tea and milk pudding, and the Rice Balls with Sweet Coconut Milk and Whole Egg, providing a warm and comforting end to the meal​​.

Visiting Un-Yang-Kor-Dai

Located at 57 South Bridge Road, Un-Yang-Kor-Dai invites diners to explore the rich flavors of Isaan cuisine alongside popular Central Thai dishes. The restaurant's interior, adorned with artwork reflecting the simple life of Thailand's agricultural regions, complements the authentic dining experience. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, with afternoon and evening service hours, it's a must-visit for those seeking to indulge in genuine Thai culinary delights​​.

In summary, Un-Yang-Kor-Dai Singapore stands out for its unique offering of Isaan cuisine, a rarity outside of Thailand, especially in Singapore. With a menu that balances traditional Isaan dishes with Central Thai favorites, it offers a dining experience that's both authentic and affordable. Whether you're craving the fiery flavors of Isaan or the comforting classics of Central Thai cuisine, Un-Yang-Kor-Dai promises a satisfying culinary journey.

Un-Yang-Kor-Dai Singapore
57 South Bridge Rd, #01-02, Singapore 058688
Opening Hour: 11:30 am–2 pm, 6–9 pm (closed on Monday)
Photos: 晶小厨 • Jack Lim • Wang Jun Seng

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