Discovering Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice

June 12, 2024

Chicken rice is synonymous with Singapore’s vibrant food culture, and Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice stands out as one of the city's beloved culinary treasures. Here’s an in-depth review of this must-visit hawker stall that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and tourists alike.

PHOTO: Chris Lau

A Rich Legacy of Flavor

Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice has a storied history dating back to the 1970s when it first opened at the Margaret Drive Food Centre. The stall has since moved to Mei Ling Street but continues to serve the same authentic flavors that have made it famous. The founders, the Leong family, have perfected the art of Hainanese chicken rice over decades, ensuring every bite is steeped in tradition and love.

PHOTO: Jeffrey Tan

The Star of the Show: Tender and Juicy Chicken

The chicken at Sin Kee is poached to perfection, offering a delicate balance of tender meat and silky skin. Each bite is succulent, with the chicken’s natural juices preserved, giving it a moist and flavorful profile. The poaching process, combined with the family’s secret recipe, ensures that the chicken retains its tenderness without being overly oily.

Photo: Yu Khing Poh

Fragrant and Flavorful Rice

A critical component of any good chicken rice dish is the rice, and Sin Kee excels in this area. The rice is cooked in a rich chicken broth infused with ginger, garlic, and pandan leaves, resulting in grains that are aromatic and packed with flavor. Each spoonful complements the chicken beautifully, making it hard to stop at just one serving.

Photo: Alex Soo

The Perfect Condiments

No chicken rice experience is complete without the accompanying condiments, and Sin Kee offers a trio that enhances the dish's overall taste. The chili sauce, made with fresh red chilies, garlic, and ginger, provides a spicy kick that pairs wonderfully with the tender chicken. The ginger sauce, a blend of finely grated ginger and oil, adds a refreshing zing, while the dark soy sauce brings a touch of sweetness and depth.

Photo: Alan Yeo

A Side of Savory Soup

Every order at Sin Kee comes with a bowl of clear, savory soup, a comforting addition to the meal. The soup, simmered with chicken bones and vegetables, is light yet flavorful, providing a warm and soothing contrast to the main dish. It’s the perfect palate cleanser between bites of the rich chicken and rice.

Photo: KH Chong

Friendly Service and Affordable Prices

One of the many reasons diners flock to Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice is the warm, friendly service. The staff, often the founders themselves, greet customers with smiles and efficiency, making the dining experience enjoyable from start to finish. Despite the high-quality food, prices remain affordable, making it a great option for those seeking delicious yet budget-friendly meals.

Photo: Yu Khing Poh

A Must-Visit for Food Enthusiasts

Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice is more than just a place to eat; it’s a culinary experience that captures the essence of Singapore’s food heritage. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this hawker stall should be on your must-visit list. The combination of tender chicken, fragrant rice, and flavorful condiments, all served with a side of history and hospitality, makes it a standout choice for any food enthusiast.

Photo: Alan Yeo


In a city known for its diverse and dynamic food scene, Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice holds a special place. Its commitment to quality and tradition ensures that every plate served is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Singapore. So next time you’re in town, head over to Mei Ling Street and indulge in a plate of chicken rice that’s sure to leave you craving more.

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