Discover the Artistry of PIPES by HATTENDO: Where Japanese Cuisine Meets Coffee Mastery in Singapore

January 25, 2024

As Hattendo's pioneering Cafe Bar & Roasting Gallery, this venue breathes new life into the realm of Japanese fusion dining, showcasing iconic cream buns and a mesmerizing array of desserts.

A Culinary Renaissance in Japanese Fusion

Evolving from its roots as Hattendo Cafe over four years, PIPES by HATTENDO now presents a tantalizing menu segmented into "Coffee," "Dessert," and "Sandos." By day, the cafe unveils a novel fusion menu, featuring delights like the savory Teriyaki Burger and an assortment of Donburi, including the sumptuous Roast Beef Don and Una Don. As evening falls, the cafe transforms into a culinary theater, offering exclusive chef-curated dishes and an eclectic mix of Japanese-fusion creations.

The Exquisite World of Cream Buns and Beyond

The heart of PIPES by HATTENDO is its array of signature cream buns, offered in tempting flavors such as Custard, Whipped Cream, Azuki, Matcha, and Chocolate. These buns are a feast for the senses, melding a tender bread-cake hybrid with luscious, creamy fillings. The dessert menu extends further, featuring the sublime Custard Cream Pudding and the indulgent Pipes Tiramisu, elevated with a splash of Kahlua coffee liqueur.

Embark on a Roasting Gallery Adventure

At the core of PIPES by HATTENDO is the Hattendo Roasting Gallery, a stage for the pioneering NOVO MARK II, Singapore's first fully automated coffee roaster. Patrons can select and customize roasts from a global selection of specialty coffee beans, offering a bespoke coffee experience. This space doubles as a roastery and a showroom, providing a one-of-a-kind journey for coffee enthusiasts.

A Space of Warmth and Elegance

PIPES by HATTENDO is designed to be a welcoming haven, ideal for both relaxed dining and casual coffee sessions. Its interiors blend contemporary design with cozy elements, creating a space suitable for various occasions, from intimate meet-ups to professional gatherings.

In essence, PIPES by HATTENDO is not just a cafe; it's a journey into the harmonious blend of Japanese gastronomy and artisanal coffee roasting. With its distinctive offerings and inviting atmosphere, it stands as an essential destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the fusion of Japan's rich culinary culture and the sophisticated world of coffee.


331 New Bridge Rd, #01-02 Dorsett Residences, Singapore 088764

Photo: PIPES by HATTENDO • Sebastian Nummelin • Stephen Wee • Darren Yap • Eileen Tok • Matthew Wong

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