Chinese Ghost Month: 7 Superstitions to Avoid for a Peaceful and Spirit-Respectful Observance

August 18, 2023

The Chinese Ghost Month, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, is a traditional belief observed in certain East Asian cultures, particularly in Chinese communities. During this month, it's believed that the spirits of the deceased roam the earthly realm, and various superstitions have arisen to avoid potential negative interactions with these spirits. Here are seven things to avoid during Chinese Ghost Month and the reasons behind them:

Avoid Outdoor Activities at Night:
Superstition: It's believed that wandering spirits are more active at night, increasing the likelihood of encountering them.
Reason: To avoid unwanted interactions with spirits that could potentially bring bad luck or disturbances.

Avoid Swimming:
Superstition: Spirits might drown or harm swimmers, and water-related activities are seen as risky during this time.
Reason: To prevent accidents or negative encounters with spirits that might be lurking in water.

Avoid Moving Into a New House or Starting a Business:
Superstition: New beginnings during Ghost Month are thought to attract negative energy and spirits, leading to potential problems.
Reason: To avoid inviting bad luck or misfortune into a new endeavor.

Avoid Whistling or Singing at Night:
Superstition: Whistling or singing might attract wandering spirits, who could mistake these sounds as an invitation to follow you.
Reason: To avoid drawing the attention of potentially harmful spirits.

Avoid Hanging Clothes Outside at Night:
Superstition: Clothes left outside at night could be used by spirits, which may bring bad luck or misfortune to the owner.
Reason: To prevent inviting spirits to use or take possession of personal belongings.

Avoid Staring at Empty Places or Responding to Strange Calls:
Superstition: Staring into empty spaces or responding to calls in the dark might attract wandering spirits seeking to inhabit a human body.
Reason: To avoid potential possession or disturbance by spirits seeking a host.

Avoid Making Noise or Using Red Accessories During Night Processions:
Superstition: Noisy activities might disturb the spirits or attract unwanted attention during nighttime processions held to honor them.
Reason: To show respect to the spirits and avoid drawing their attention or disturbing their activities.

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