Brunches Cafe: A Vintage Gem in the Heart of Rangoon Road

June 6, 2024

Located at 96 Rangoon Road, Brunches Cafe stands out as a unique and charming spot in Singapore's vibrant café scene. Known for its vintage decor and delicious all-day brunch menu, Brunches Cafe offers a delightful dining experience that appeals to both locals and visitors. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes this café a must-visit destination.

Photo: C Crumbs

A Vintage Wonderland

Stepping into Brunches Cafe feels like traveling back in time. The café is beautifully decorated with an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and quirky decor items, creating a warm and nostalgic ambiance. From retro sofas and typewriters to antique telephones and bicycles, every corner of Brunches Cafe is Instagram-worthy. This unique setting not only enhances the dining experience but also makes it a perfect spot for photo enthusiasts looking to capture some stylish shots.

Photo: Sherman TBH

All-Day Brunch Menu

Brunches Cafe takes pride in its extensive all-day brunch menu, offering a wide variety of dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences. One of the standout dishes is the Classic Eggs Benedict, featuring perfectly poached eggs, creamy hollandaise sauce, and smoked salmon or ham, all served on a toasted English muffin. For those with a sweet tooth, the French Toast with Mixed Berries is a must-try, combining fluffy brioche with a medley of fresh berries and a generous drizzle of maple syrup.

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Creative and Comforting Dishes

In addition to classic brunch fare, Brunches Cafe offers a selection of creative dishes that put a unique twist on comfort food. The Truffle Mushroom Risotto, for instance, is a rich and creamy dish that perfectly balances the earthy flavors of truffle and mushrooms. Another popular option is the Beef Brisket Sandwich, featuring tender, slow-cooked beef brisket served with a tangy barbecue sauce on a freshly baked bun. These inventive dishes showcase the café’s commitment to providing a diverse and exciting menu.

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Photo: Sherman TBH
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Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Understanding the importance of catering to various dietary needs, Brunches Cafe also offers several vegetarian and vegan options. The Vegan Burger, made with a hearty plant-based patty, fresh vegetables, and a vegan mayo, is a hit among plant-based eaters. Additionally, the Quinoa Salad, packed with fresh greens, avocado, and a tangy lemon dressing, provides a light and nutritious option for health-conscious diners.

Refreshing Beverages and Desserts

To complement their delectable food menu, Brunches Cafe offers a range of refreshing beverages and indulgent desserts. Their Iced Lavender Latte, made with a hint of lavender syrup, is both soothing and refreshing, making it a perfect drink for a hot day. For dessert, the Molten Lava Cake with its gooey chocolate center is a favorite among chocolate lovers. Pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an extra indulgent treat.

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Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere

The cozy and inviting atmosphere at Brunches Cafe makes it an ideal spot for a relaxed meal or a casual hangout with friends and family. The friendly staff and excellent service further enhance the dining experience, ensuring that every visit is enjoyable and memorable. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to read, a spot to catch up with friends, or a venue for a special celebration, Brunches Cafe provides the perfect setting.

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Final Thoughts

Brunches Cafe at 96 Rangoon Road is more than just a café; it’s a destination that offers a unique blend of delicious food, vintage charm, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a brunch enthusiast, a vintage decor lover, or simply looking for a cozy spot to enjoy good food and great company, Brunches Cafe has something special to offer. Make sure to add this charming café to your list of must-visit spots in Singapore for a delightful and memorable dining experience.

Photo: Gladys Goh

Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218381
Opening Hour:
Thursday, 11 am–10 pm
Friday, 11 am–10 pm
Saturday, 10 am–10 pm
Sunday, 10 am–10 pm
Monday, 11 am–10 pm
Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday, 11 am–10 pm


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