Are You Brave Enough to Try These Unusual Mooncakes?

September 12, 2023

Mooncake with crawfish filling

Introduced as a novelty, the crawfish mooncake quickly became an internet sensation, capturing considerable online interest. Typically, each cake features four crawfish, alongside abalone mushrooms and vegetables.

Canned mooncakes

This peculiar innovation made its debut in 2014 as a means to prolong the shelf life of mooncakes. A user on the internet shared the method for creating these preserved delights. Simply place mooncakes in a jar, filling three-quarters of it with liquor and one-quarter with vinegar, then add a few slices of ginger on top.

Chocolate mooncake with spicy beef filling

A decade ago, a girl told a boy, "Our union is as unlikely as chocolate pairing with beef." Today, it appears that anything can be achieved.

Sour and spicy mooncake

The tartness in the mooncake filling is derived from pickled vegetables and hawthorns, while the spiciness is crafted using a chili sauce reminiscent of the renowned brand Lao Gan Ma.

Fermented bean curd mooncake

This represents a variation of a pastry crafted from fermented bean curd, a beloved delicacy in the Chaoshan region of Guangdong province. Traditionally, locals utilize this pastry as an offering during the first and middle days of every month.

Mooncake with fillings of cream, truffle and foie gras

The mooncake equivalent of "Louis Vuitton" boasts lavish ingredients like truffle and foie gras. This opulent delicacy is unquestionably worth indulging in.

Mooncake with leek egg filling

While scrambled egg is a common filling for Chinese Jiaozi (dumplings), it's making its debut as an ingredient in the traditional Mid-Autumn Day dessert for the first time.

"Shiren" mooncake

"Shiren" mooncakes boast a medley of 10 different nuts, which is twice the number found in traditional "Wuren" mooncakes with just 5 varieties of nuts. Notably, they are four to six times larger than standard mooncakes, symbolizing wishes for perfection in all aspects.

Mooncake stuffed with braised pork and preserved vegetable in soya sauce

Braised pork with preserved vegetables in soy sauce, known as "meicai kourou," is a renowned Chinese delicacy. Whoever crafted this distinct filling for the mooncake must be a devoted enthusiast of this dish.

Bamboo charcoal mooncake

This mooncake is crafted by incorporating bamboo charcoal powder into the baking process. It is believed to possess the ability to absorb toxins within our bodies.

Instant noodle mooncake

Incorporating instant noodles into the traditional mooncake promises a truly distinctive culinary adventure. These mooncakes are even adorned with Chinese characters, "Diao Si," humorously referring to "underprivileged losers" in a self-deprecating manner.

Mooncakes with bean-taste filling fried with tomatoes

The cafeteria at the Civil Aviation University of China introduced an innovative dish consisting of fried mooncake pieces filled with a sweet bean and tomato mixture, garnished with caraway. This creation quickly gained popularity on the internet and earned the title of the most eccentric mooncake variation.

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