A Toast to Tradition and Modernity: Jiak Kim House, Singapore

February 22, 2024

In the heart of Singapore, where the vibrant history meets contemporary flair, Jiak Kim House stands as a beacon of modern Asian cuisine, housed within the storied walls of the former Zouk nightclub. This dining gem not only pays homage to its heritage with a modern twist but also offers a culinary journey that bridges East and West with an innovative menu crafted by Chef-partner Seow Tzi Qin, affectionately known as Chef TQ.

Where Past Meets Present

Nestled within a 1920s conservation warehouse along the iconic Singapore River, Jiak Kim House offers a dining experience that's as much about its ambiance as it is about the food. The restaurant features original timber trusses, black and white floor tiles, and custom-made rattan furnishing, providing a lush, cozy setting that feels like dining in the home of a Crazy Rich Asian. Notably, the space includes a grand bar and a bloom counter for customised floral arrangements, making every visit uniquely special.

Culinary Magic by Chef TQ

Chef TQ brings a passion and excitement to the kitchen, reinventing familiar Asian dishes with a contemporary spin. Highlights from the menu include the Mushroom Herbal Tea "Macchiato", a playful nod to bak kut teh with its peppery mushroom consommé topped with green peppercorn foam, and the Tingkat of Memories, a shared appetizer that revisits Asian classics with a modern twist.

Standout Dishes to Try

Tingkat of Memories

A quartet of starters including herbed crab cake with assam mayo, lamb goulash croquettes, and more, designed for sharing.

Hay-Smoked Perilla Wagyu Hamburg

Minced wagyu, short rib, and pork belly wrapped in fragrant shiso leaf, showcasing a blend of Japanese and Korean influences.

Herbal Scallop Pao Fan

A lighter dish featuring Hokkaido scallops in an angelica root dashi, topped with rice puffs and ikura for a sublime taste.

Kam Heong Sambal Grouper

A spicy and tangy dish with cilantro rice and mangosteen salsa, marinated in black peppercorns and house-made sambal.

Desserts and Drinks Not to Miss

After indulging in the savory, make room for the ethereal desserts, like the Jiak Kim, a luxurious creation symbolizing the restaurant's ethos of offering only the finest, with layers of earl grey mousse, roselle hawthorne jelly, and namelaka chocolate cream, all gleaming with gold foil.

Jiak Kim House offers more than just a meal; it's an experience where every dish tells a story, blending tradition and innovation. Whether you're a die-hard traditionalist or someone with a palate for surprises, Jiak Kim House is set to redefine your dining expectations in Singapore.

Jiak Kim House

5 Jiak Kim St, #01–17, Singapore 169425


Photos: Mighty Foodie • Yuen Evangeline (EYuen) • Fung Leng Chen

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