A Sweet Escape: BM Cathay Pancake at Jalan Aston

April 15, 2024

BM Cathay Pancake offers a delightful twist on a beloved street food classic. This quaint pancake stall, located at Jalan Aston, has carved out a niche for itself with its delectable and unique pancake varieties that lure both locals and tourists alike. Here’s why a visit to BM Cathay Pancake is more than just indulging in a snack—it's an experience worth savoring.

Photo: Jessica•K


BM Cathay Pancake operates from a modest roadside stall, embraced by the lively atmosphere of Jalan Aston. The setting is simple and unpretentious, focusing purely on the culinary experience. Visitors can enjoy the lively street scene and the warm, inviting smells wafting from the griddle, contributing to an authentic Malaysian street food ambiance.

Photo: Wong Kok Weng
Photo: Jack Ooi

The Culinary Delights

BM Cathay Pancake is renowned for its innovative take on the traditional apam balik, a type of Malaysian peanut pancake that's both crunchy and fluffy. Unlike the typical stalls, BM Cathay offers a variety of fillings that go beyond the standard sugar, peanuts, and creamed corn.

Must-Try Varieties

  • Classic Peanut Pancake: A crispy, golden-brown exterior encases a warm, gooey mixture of crushed peanuts and melted sugar, creating a delightful texture contrast.
  • Corn and Cheese Pancake: For those who love a savory twist, this pancake blends the sweetness of corn with the creamy, salty punch of melted cheese.
  • Chocolate and Banana Pancake: A perfect option for dessert lovers, combining the richness of chocolate with the natural sweetness of banana.
Photo: Cristal Yeoh
Photo: Layar Jaring
Photo: Jessica•K

Each pancake is made to order, ensuring that every bite is as fresh as it can be. The stall's open layout allows patrons to watch as their pancakes are expertly prepared, flipped, and folded.

Final Thoughts

BM Cathay Pancake at Jalan Aston is more than just a food stall; it's a cultural snapshot offering a taste of local Malaysian street food with a creative twist. Whether you're craving a sweet treat or a savory snack, the pancakes here promise a palate-pleasing adventure. Make sure to visit early as the stall often sees a queue, especially during peak hours, testament to the popularity and love the locals have for this culinary gem.

For anyone traveling through Bukit Mertajam, a stop at BM Cathay Pancake is a must. It’s not just food—it’s a taste of local tradition and innovation, all served up in one delicious pancake.

BM Cathay pancake
Jalan Aston, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Open Hour:
Sunday, 12–5 pm
Monday, Closed
Tuesday, 12–5 pm
Wednesday, Closed
Thursday, 12–5 pm
Friday, Closed
Saturday, 12–5 pm

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