A Step Back in Time: Discovering Heap Seng Leong's Heritage

March 4, 2024

The Quintessence of Nanyang Coffee

At the heart of Heap Seng Leong's menu is the "Kopi Gu You" - a unique coffee blend where a slab of butter is added to the brew. This concoction not only enriches the coffee with a caramelized flavor but also introduces a silky texture, making it a must-try for both locals and visitors alike. The butter, contrary to what some might expect, offers a slow-releasing energy boost, perfectly starting any morning.

A Family Legacy in Every Sip and Bite

This kopitiam isn't just about the coffee; it's about the tradition carried on by the Shi family. From the father-son duo running the show to the meticulous preparation of toast on a charcoal grill, every aspect of Heap Seng Leong whispers the story of a family's dedication to preserving a slice of Singapore's culinary past.

Not Just Coffee: A Breakfast Haven

Heap Seng Leong’s offering extends beyond its signature coffee. Patrons can enjoy a wholesome breakfast set featuring kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs. The toast, grilled over charcoal, carries a hint of smokiness, paired perfectly with the homemade kaya and a slice of butter, presenting a delightful contrast of flavors.

Visit Heap Seng Leong

For those yearning for a taste of Singapore's yesteryears or simply looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a traditional breakfast, Heap Seng Leong at 10 North Bridge Road, #01-5109, is open daily from 5am to 5pm. It's a place where time seems to stand still, yet every visit leaves a lasting impression, much like the city-state itself.

In the hustle and bustle of Singapore's rapidly evolving landscape, Heap Seng Leong remains a cherished relic, offering a unique blend of nostalgia, tradition, and delicious flavors.

Heap Seng Leong
10 North Bridge Rd,
#01-5109, Singapore 190010
Photo: Traveller Jun • Damien Tc • Jay Kim • Cuc Bui • foo hean tee • Jasper Teo • Sunyawit Sassanapitak • Azka F. • Bronson • Steven MA • Pam Kong • Neil

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