A Feast of Flavors: Hong Chang Frog Porridge and BBQ Fish

April 16, 2024

Where Tradition Meets Taste

Located at 2 Braddell Road, Singapore, Hong Chang Eating House offers a delightful array of local dishes, where the Kung Pao Chilli Frog Leg and BBQ Sambal Stingray stand out as must-tries for any visitor. This place not only serves up delectable food but does so with a focus on providing hearty meals at pocket-friendly prices.

Photo: Sherman TBH
Photo: Shing Low

Diving Into the Dishes

The Kung Pao Chilli Frog Legs, praised for their juicy and tender meat soaked in a thick, spicy sauce, offer a vibrant blend of flavors that promises to kick the palate into overdrive with each bite. The sauce, rich with soy and vinegar, perfectly complements the plain porridge, making each spoonful a delightful experience of combined flavors and textures​.

Photo: Malu Ker

Equally compelling is the BBQ Sambal Stingray, a dish celebrated for its well-seasoned and slightly chewy flesh, smothered in a robust sambal sauce. This dish encapsulates the perfect balance of sweet, spice, and smoky undertones, providing an utterly satisfying meal​.

Photo: Ming Rong
Photo: Ming

Atmosphere and Service

The eating house is not just about food; the vibrant atmosphere and efficient service contribute to a pleasant dining experience. Despite its simplicity, the bustling environment and quick service ensure a memorable visit for both locals and tourists alike.

Photo: Thomas Yeo

Good to Know

Hong Chang is not just a dinner spot but a supper haven too, staying open until 2 AM. This makes it a perfect late-night destination for those craving hearty, flavorful meals after hours. It's important to note that this spot can get quite busy, so arriving early or off-peak might save you some waiting time.

For a taste of local Singaporean fare that's both delicious and economical, Hong Chang Frog Porridge and BBQ Fish is a standout choice that's well worth the visit​.

Hong Chang Frog Porridge and BBQ Fish
2 Braddell Rd, Singapore 359895
Open Hour:
Tuesday, 3 pm–2 am
Wednesday, 3 pm–2 am
Thursday, 3 pm–2 am
Friday, 3 pm–2 am
Saturday, 3 pm–2 am
Sunday, 3 pm–2 am
Monday, Closed

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