4 Reasons to Hold Off on Purchasing a PS5

September 4, 2023

While the PS4 enjoyed nearly a decade of dominance, we believe it's not the right time to invest in its successor, the PlayStation 5. In the realm of console rivalry, Sony's PS4 outshone Microsoft's Xbox One, boasting more than double the sales. In fact, the PS4 ranks among the top-selling consoles in history. Nonetheless, the PlayStation 5 has yet to scale those impressive heights. Here are our compelling reasons for caution before purchasing a PS5.

Limited Exclusive Titles

Gamers often play on multiple platforms, seeking unique experiences. The issue with the PS5 is its scarcity of exclusives. While titles like Astro's Playroom and Demon's Souls shine, they may not justify a substantial investment.

In May 2023, Sony hosted a PlayStation Showcase, but the focus shifted towards third-party games, leaving gamers craving more first-party exclusives.

The Majority of Games Can Be Played on Both PS4 and PC

Adding to this, some 'exclusives' like God of War Ragnarök and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales are available on both PS4 and PS5. While fantastic on PS5, they shine on PS4 too. This makes owning a PS4 still worthwhile.

Sony's move into the PC market, offering exclusive titles like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart after a year or two, benefits patient PC gamers. You can even use a PS5 DualSense controller on your PC. Sony's support for PC is commendable, not cutting off PS4 owners to force an upgrade to PS5. So, if you have a PS4 or a gaming PC, the incentives to get a PS5 may be limited, unless you're enticed by its graphics or peripherals like PlayStation VR2.

The Price Tag of the PS5 Is Quite High

In August 2022, Sony announced a price increase for the PS5 in several regions due to global economic challenges. In the US, a PS5 costs around SGD 675, which is quite expensive. However, you can save SGD 135 if you opt for the Digital Edition without a disc drive.

This cost doesn't include peripherals, PlayStation Plus (required for online play, with a price hike in September 2023), additional storage (considering the PS5's limited 667GB), or the rising game prices.

To put it in perspective, the Xbox Series X also costs around SGD 675. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch are priced at SGD 405, which is SGD 270 cheaper than a PS5. Even the Steam Deck, a portable PC, starts at SGD 540. While these options may not match the PS5's performance, they provide budget-friendly alternatives for casual gamers.

Consider Awaiting the Inevitable Enhanced PS5

With dimensions of 390mm x 104mm x 260mm and weighing 4.5kg, the PS5 is a substantial console. If your typical spot for consoles is a TV media unit, you might encounter size issues. While the design is decent, it's not exactly subtle; you wouldn't want it overwhelming your space. So, why not consider waiting for the inevitable upgrade? The PS4 saw a Slim version released three years later, offering a sleeker design (now the primary PS4 model). Similarly, the PS4 Pro brought 4K gaming, surpassing the standard 1080p. The PS5 is likely to follow suit—rumors suggest a PS5 Slim in 2023 with a smaller size and removable disc drive, potentially at a lower price. Patience can be rewarding.

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