2023 Four Star Mattress Sale

September 4, 2023


With a luxurious 16-inch thickness

The Four Star mattress, within the 12-16 inch elite, beckons dreamers, especially couples and side sleepers. It excels at cushioning and resists sagging under heavy loads.

Its 5 Zones Pocketed Spring System

Enhanced Foam Encasement, and Firm Edge offer variable support for the head, shoulders, back, lower back, and feet, aligning the spine and ensuring durability.

Dual natural latex layers

Support the spine's curvature, distribute pressure, and fend off mold and dust mites. This mattress possesses anti-static properties, reducing muscle tension for deeper sleep.

ARCTICSILK® keeps you cool

By absorbing body heat. Available in Single, Super Single, Queen, and King sizes, with FREE Bedding Accessories and Delivery, it's a dreamy deal online.


10-inch Four Star mattress

Offers excellent support, ideal for sleepers up to 113kg and those sharing a bed with small children.

Tight top design

Provides a firmer, more responsive sleep surface, distinguishing it from pillow tops and Euro tops.

The 5 Zones Pocketed system

With 18 cm Spring Height, Foam Encasement, and Firm Edge contours to your body, enhancing support.

Experience cool comfort with ARCTICSILK® AIRE FLEX™

A Japanese innovation that boosts airflow, regulates temperature, and caresses with a silky touch.

This mattress excels in high rebound support

Catering to every body's needs.


The Four Star mattress, at 10 inches thick, offers respite for those grappling with arthritis, shoulder, or hip discomfort, yearning for the plush embrace of enhanced cushioning. Within this 10-inch marvel lies a bounty of comfort layers, gracefully conforming to your curves, tenderly relieving the burdens from shoulders, hips, and joints.

It adopts the Euro Top design, where each layer boasts uniform width, fortifying edge support while presenting a firm exterior perimeter, yet cradling the center with an irresistible softness. The additional layer of padding, discreetly nestled beneath the mattress cover, bestows upon the mattress an immaculate, unblemished visage.

Behold the enchantment of gel-infused memory foam, a warden of body heat, weaving a cooler haven for slumber. Its plush countenance soothes restive sleepers, quelling disruptive nocturnal movements, ensuring tranquility for bed companions.

The 5 Zones Pocketed and their 22cm spring height embark on a sacred journey of spinal alignment, meticulously distributing the weight among their zones, a symphony that harmonizes with the body's contours, particularly in the hips, where pressure finds its release.

This mattress conceals another secret, the DETENSE ArcticSilk® fabric and its mystical technology. Here, static electricity's sinister grip meets its end, dissipating into the ethereal night as you slumber. And upon awakening, you shall find yourself bathed in rejuvenation, fatigue banished.


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