10 Must Have Pusheen

August 9, 2023

Pusheen, a charming and whimsical cat character, has captured the hearts of millions across the globe as a beloved internet sensation. With its round, plump physique and endearing expressions, Pusheen has become an icon of cuteness and relatability in the digital age.

Pudeen Squisheen Plush

This particular Squisheen plush, exclusively available at the Pusheen Shop, portrays Pusheen in the form of a delightfully jiggly pudding dessert. Squisheens possess an incredibly soft and squeezable texture, and they can be washed on the surface for convenient cleaning.

It stands at a height of 15.24 cm, reaching about 22.86 cm in height with its toppings. It spans a length of about 20 cm and measures a width of approximately 19 cm, which extends to around 25 cm including its tail. The overall circumference of the Squisheen is roughly 63 cm.


S'mores Squisheen Plush

Pusheen is a wonderfully nostalgic treat for campfires! This charming plush showcases Pusheen transformed into a delightfully squishy marshmallow, snugly nestled between layers of plush chocolate and textured graham crackers. Squisheens boast an irresistibly soft and squeezable texture, and they can be easily cleaned with a surface wash.

The dimensions of the S'mores Squisheen are approximately 7 cm in height, 12.5 cm in width, and 16.5 cm in length.


Éclair Squisheen Plush

Pusheen transforms into a lavish French chocolate éclair, exuding decadence! This incredibly plush dessert replica showcases Pusheen in the form of a yellow-and-brown chocolate éclair, complete with a rosy strawberry and a swirl of whipped cream atop her back. The Squisheens collection offers irresistibly soft and squishy textures, and they can be easily cleaned by surface washing.

The dimensions of the Éclair Squisheen are approximately 18 cm in height, 15 cm in width, and 30 cm in length.


Chocolate Dipped Cookie Squisheen

Introducing the Chocolate-Coated Cookie Squisheen, a delightful and sugary enhancement to your Pusheen compilation. This charming Squisheen showcases Pusheen in the form of a 6” tall yellow and brown cookie, dipped in chocolate, adorned with vibrant pastel sprinkles, and featuring Pusheen's signature smile and whiskers embroidered in brown.

The dimensions of the Dipped Cookie Squisheen are 6" in width, 6" in height, and 3" in breadth, all in centimeters.


Tiramisu Squisheen

How delightful is this miniature Tiramisu Squisheen! This charming Squisheen showcases Pusheen transformed into a 4-inch long white and brown tiramisu, complete with ladyfinger cookie details in yellow print. Its underbelly is irresistibly soft and golden-brown, while Pusheen's distinctive striped tail playfully peeks from the rear. Atop Pusheen's head, you'll find a 'cocoa dusting' created with textured dark brown plush. The pliable fabric composing her square-shaped body adds elasticity, resulting in an incredibly squeezable and enjoyable texture.

The Tiramisu Squisheen stands at a height of 4 inches, spans 4 inches across, and measures 3 inches in width.


Classic Toe Beans Pusheen Plush

Pusheen flaunts the most adorable petite toe beans imaginable! This gentle 11-inch plush showcases Pusheen standing upright, displaying her most charming attribute: those irresistibly cute paws adorned with pink toe beans. Pusheen's cheeks are also embellished with a rosy blush, and her iconic cheerful smile graces her face!

The plush's dimensions are approximately 28 cm in height, 25 cm in width, and about 20 cm in circumference.


Pusheen Enchanted Forest Surprise Plush

Begin an enchanting adventure through a magical woodland! Collect an enchanting group of eight adorable and lively forest creatures: Fox, Squirrel, Owl, Raccoon, Mushroom, Gnome, Frog, and a hidden secret style! These incredibly huggable plush figures have a height of 7.6 cm and come with a keychain featuring a lobster clasp for easy removal.


Pusheen Enchanted Fox Plush

Pusheen has taken on the appearance of a fox! This plush, shaped like a log and designed as an Enchanted Fox, showcases Pusheen. It has a soft orange-and-white exterior, with pink cheeks embroidered on, a white patch on its tummy, and a fluffy fox tail tipped in white.

The dimensions of the Fox Plush are about 13 cm in height, 28 cm in length, and 10 cm in width.


Croissant Squisheen Plush

Pusheen has appeared as a delightful croissant! This exclusive Squisheen from the Pusheen Shop showcases Pusheen in a larger, deluxe-sized croissant form that will surely invoke a bon appétit! Squisheens boast a wonderfully soft and squeezable texture, and they can be easily cleaned with a surface wash.

The larger Croissant Squisheen has dimensions of about 20 cm in height, 33 cm in length, and 15 cm in width.


Rainbow Round Squisheen Plush

The Rainbow Squisheen plush boasts a cuddly circular form with a stunning rainbow ombre pattern. Crafted from incredibly gentle and stretchy material, this Rainbow Squisheen reaches a height of 11 inches and showcases Pusheen's iconic grin, adorable paws, and tail.

The plush's circumference is approximately 30 centimeters, while its height remains at 11 inches. The tail extends roughly 3 inches in length.


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