10 Haunted Places to Explore in Singapore?

July 31, 2023

As of my last update in September 2021, Singapore has a rich history and some spooky legends associated with certain locations. Here are ten places in the west of Singapore that are rumored to be haunted:

  1. Old Ford Factory: Located in Bukit Timah, this historical site was where the British surrendered to the Japanese during World War II. Visitors and staff have reported eerie encounters and ghostly apparitions.
  2. Hillview Mansion: This abandoned mansion in Hillview has a reputation for being haunted. Locals believe it is haunted by the spirit of the former owner or workers who once lived there.
  3. Neo Tiew Estate: Abandoned housing estate near Lim Chu Kang that has a haunted reputation due to its history of being used for black magic rituals.
  4. Bukit Brown Cemetery: This cemetery in the midst of the city is known for its Chinese graves and has a reputation for being haunted by wandering spirits.
  5. Pasir Panjang 'Red Bridge': There have been rumors of a pontianak, a female ghost in Malay folklore, being sighted near this bridge late at night.
  6. Former View Road Hospital: Now known as the Buona Vista Community Club, this location was once a hospital and is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the deceased patients.
  7. Kent Ridge Park: This park has a dark history as it was a site of many battles during World War II. Some have reported paranormal activities and ghost sightings.
  8. Choa Chu Kang Cemetery: As one of Singapore's largest cemeteries, it has its share of ghost stories and eerie encounters.
  9. Singapore Discovery Centre: Despite being a family-friendly attraction, some visitors have claimed to have experienced strange occurrences and eerie sensations.
  10. The Rail Corridor: This former railway line that stretches across Singapore, including the west, is said to be haunted by the souls of people who lost their lives on the tracks.

Remember that these stories are folklore and urban legends, and there is no scientific evidence to support claims of actual hauntings. Nevertheless, they add an extra layer of intrigue and spookiness to the history and culture of the locations. If you're interested in exploring these places, do so with respect for the sites' histories and the beliefs of the local community.

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